I am super excited!!! This is by far, going to be my favorite giveaway to date! 

As I have mentioned, many, many times before, one of the most precious gifts God has given me (aside from salvation) is opening my eyes to the strength that lives within me as I walk with Him.

For most of my life, I saw myself as a "weaker" person; an over reactor and a stress mess!  I have never been very good at handling stressful situations and when God sent the "perfect" storm of multiple stress inducing circumstances, I often crumbled under the pressure.  I adapted to unhealthy coping mechanisms to  try and gain back control such as Anorexia.

Well, as you probably already guessed, that never worked and only aided in making the situation much worse!  The bottom line is... I AM NOT IN CONTROL!  I never have been.  I never will be.  And you know what????

I am totally GOOD with that.  Why I would think I could handle my life better than my Creator who can do significantly more than we can ever ask or imagine, is beyond me.  For most of my life, I really did not know God, so that was the major problem.  But even when I accepted Christ, I still struggled and often still do, with wanting that control back.  Not trusting in God's ultimate plan and completely dismissing the fact that His strength.... is now my strength!  

"The Spirit of God that raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you." Romans 8:11

I never, ever (nor God) want you to forget, the strength that you hold if you are walking hand and in hand with the Lord.  You are MORE than a conqueror!!!  You are a WARRIOR!  You will NOT fall.  

SO.... without further ado.... here is the awesome giveaway!!
The winner of this giveaway will be given this beautiful reminder to wear around her neck, of the strength that lives within her to conquer each days to do list, disasters and challenges!

There is not a day that you will ever walk alone!

God is within you... you will not fall.  

"God is within her, she will not fall. God will help her at the break of day." Psalm 46:5

If there is one thing I long to do through this blog, it is to empower women (and men) in the way God desires them to be empowered... and that is remembering who they are in Christ!  The strength they acquire when they walk with Him and the mountains they can conquer with the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead living within them!

Lack of trust and disbelief are our biggest barriers to victory.  

I too, struggle with these things.  

May this necklace, empower you, every time you wear it, see it and feel it hanging around your neck!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 
When I first gave my  life to Christ, nearly 14 years ago, one of the first things God gave me a desire to do was study women.  

I longed to know what God's purpose was for me, as a woman.  When He created Eve out of Adam's rib, what was the ultimate goal of His design.  

As I read and studied I learned that God created women with many meaningful qualities. His first goal was to create a helper and companion for Adam.  He recognized that it was not good for Adam to be alone and that he needed a partner in life.  I have often joked as to why that was the ONLY thing that God stepped back and did not identify as "good."  It was not good that man should be alone and if you have ever walked into a bachelor pad this will become painfully obvious!! LOL  

Yes, Yes, I know there are some men that are very neat and tidy, but for the most part, I have not personally found that to be the case. 

God gave women the gift of making a house a home and caring for the things, man wasn't necessarily given the desire to care for.  This is one of the reasons there will probably always be the battle of the sexes when it comes to house work.  Women see EVERYTHING that needs to be done... all the time and men can walk past the overflowing garbage can and laundry basket and not think twice.  

God also gave women the heart to nurture and care for little ones.  He created in them a maternal desire and instinct that men do not have.  This is why a woman can strategically pack a diaper bag and fill it with every possible need the baby could have, while a man may very likely walk out the door without a diaper bag at all, maybe even without the baby!! LOL

This sometimes comes across as negligence to women, but honestly, it all goes back to the difference in the way God created man and woman.  

So yes, I learned that women were given hearts to care for a home and her husband and a maternal instinct to love and care for her children. He desires for women to be modest, meek and gentle. These are extremely wonderful qualities and have the power to change the world, however, I have learned something life changing for me in my Understanding Purpose study.  And that is.... women, though created to be gentle were also created to be warriors!!

When God designs Eve, He states that He was creating a "helper" for Adam.  What my study explained was what the word "helper" actually encompasses.

If you take the word "helper" and root it back to the Hebrew meaning, it actually is the word ezer (pronounced azor) it used in the same context  as God as the helper to Israel and the call for military aid!  
Photo credit: Huffington Post
So, in laymen's terms, the word "helper" used to describe the creation of woman actually means STRONG HELPER or WARRIOR!  

You were created to be a WARRIOR!!  God created you with the strength and courage to fight every battle He may place in front of you in your lifetime!  

Most women I know ARE WARRIORS!  Though created for specific purposes, women that are left to fill both a man and woman's shoes are able to successfully accomplish this!  They will fight to protect their children and that same mama will lay in bed and snuggle with them when they have a bad dream!  

Look at your grandmother's hands.... those are the hands of a beautiful warrior!!  Each wrinkle a symbol of triumph over a struggle she may have thought she would never win!

When a man is unable for whatever reason, whether it be intentional or not, to fulfill his leadership role in the home, women are made to step up and fill those massive shoes, even though she may be dying inside, she will do it until God sends reprieve!  

Though God desires for women to be quiet and gentle, He designed them to fight the good fight when those are cards she is dealt!  

Ladies... don't EVER underestimate your purpose and abilities in life!  God gave you EVERYTHING you would need to fulfill every purpose He gives you!  Satan wants to convince you otherwise and unfortunately, we fall prey to his lies way too often!  

There may be days...you may feel like you are going to crumble into a million little pieces... but I assure you.... God made you a WARRIOR!!  

You can slip on those heals, apply that lipstick and on the way out the door, grab your sword and shield..... you.... are God's beautiful warrior!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 
"This is God's idea.  He made Himself the pattern.  He chose us to be like Him and to represent Him in this world.  This is the first and most important fact a woman can know about herself and her purpose.  It ought to take our breath away." 

This is a quote from the study I am currently doing, Understanding Purpose, and when read the above quote it gave me goosebumps.  I have been doing Bible studies for many years now, but for some reason, this words did exactly as the author quoted above.... they took my breath away. 

Imagine this....if you are not a seamstress... just pretend for vision's sake.... You see a beautiful dress in the window of a store.  Perhaps you desire it or perhaps your daughter would love to wear it to her next dance.  It is everything you would ever want in a dress... the cut... the shape... all the little details and accents.  You walk into the store and look at the price and your heart sinks as you realize there is no way you can afford this dress.  However, you are firmly convinced you could make it yourself for half the price!! 

You head to the fabric store and find an identical pattern. You pick out the perfect fabric and accessories and head home to get to work!  You carefully stitch and pay close attention to each little detail.  Once the dress is complete.... you compare it in delight to the photo you took of the model dress from the store and you are awe struck as they appear nearly identical.  Yes, there are some differences for sure, as the your dress could never completely be like the model dress as that one is the original.  There are some vague stitch differences and variations in the way some of the accessories were applied, but over all, they are extremely similar and you are ecstatic with the finished product!

That is US my friends!!!  God is the pattern!!  He is the original, but we were patterned exactly after Him!!  We were made to hold and contain all of His glorious attributes; kindness, creativity, patience, exceeding love, generosity, selflessness... you know I could go on and on and on!  

Truly... take a moment and let this soak in .... You were made to resemble and represent the living God. 

You weren't thrown together to just survive this often brutal world... you were MADE to represent God in all you do.  

There could absolutely, hands down, inequivocolly be no greater purpose we could be assigned!!  

This is great news my friends!!  This mean that you may have to work it at and fight your flesh big time, but you have the ability to attain every attribute we share with God.  
Here are some questions to ponder from the study.

1. How does this change your view of yourself? The value of your life and the significance of your actions? Your relationships with others? Can you imagine a higher calling?

2. How should our identity as God's image bearers transform how we value, respect and treat one another? How does this cast a vision of what we are to become?

3. What do you need most to help you reflect Him more authentically? 

Read the following scriptures to help you learn more about the attributes God longs for us to reflect;

  • Leviticus 19:2
  • John 17:21
  • Ephesians 4:23
  • 1 John 4:19

You are not just a blob of flesh and bone.... you were carefully knit together and patterned after the Almighty God!!!!  

I pray that this realization begins changing your view of yourself, your abilities, your purpose and your calling in this lost and crazy world!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend
1. Kind words
2. A hug
3. A smooch! (depending on who it is!! LOL)
4.A sweet note
5 A sweet treat
6. A homemade gift
7. A phone call
8. A kind text
9. A hot coffee delivered!
10. A smile!
11. An encouraging word (especially when you can see someone desperately needs it!)
12. A surprise gift certificate!
13. Sneak in and clean their house!
14. Make someone laugh!!
15. Forgive someone!!
16. Bring Valentine's to a Nursing Home!
17. Pay for a random person's lunch, coffee or dinner!
18. Visit someone!
19.Leave a message on their car!
20. Tell someone how God used them in your life!
21. Show appreciation for someone who rarely receives it!
22. Show love to someone a little hard to love!
23. Hand out Hershey's kisses to random people!
24. Invite someone to lunch!
25. Deliver Valentine's at work!
26. Dedicate a song to someone on the radio!
27. Pray for God to continue to soften your heart!
28. Pray for others!
29. Put the needs of others in front of your own.
30. Thank someone... you have needed to thank for a long time!

Love... never fails. 

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend
Good Morning!! I'm super excited to share this with you all!

At the beginning of the year I chose three different books I was going to read to help enhance my spiritual life!  The world has A LOT of knowledge to offer... but I prefer wisdom, ergo, I try to stick to faith focused material.  

I blazed through the first two books already and have moved on to the third book, which is actually a Bible study!  I have only read the first chapter and I LOVE IT!  

It is called Understanding Purpose, By Carolyn Custis James. It is a Women of Faith Bible study!  I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Women of Faith conference many moons ago and those ladies are truly inspiring.  

The premise of this study, is understanding that God's purpose for our life is indestructible.  He had a plan for you, far before you were every created.  At He nit you together in your mother's womb, He fashioned in you all of the talents and gifts you would need to fulfill the purpose He created you for, and no matter what tragic storms sweep through our lives, that purpose cannot be destroyed.  It remains, through the floods, the hurricanes, the darkened paths of life.  In fact, God has a purpose for those things.... within our purpose.  Does that make sense?  LOL

One of my favorite statements I read is how many many try to fit the mold that they believe the world expects of them or try to squeeze themselves into the mold of another woman; like Cinderella's stepsisters, to be forever trying to squeeze into a pair of shoes that simply don't fit.

I have done that!  I have tried to garden! (FAIL)  I have tried to be super duper organized! (FAIL)
I have tried to be the PERFECT housekeeper (FAIL)
I have tried to be a DIY Queen, taking on projects I had no business pursuing (FAIL)

Those were not my shoes to try and squeeze into!  Though I have no doubt that if God desired for me to do those things, He would give me the ability, those things were not my purpose.  My energy was to be put elsewhere.   

This study will not only help in identifying my specific purposes but also, that my purposes can never be swayed or changed by environmental circumstances.  

Is that not AWESOME!  God is King over the flood and nothing can get in His way.  

This will be my new morning posts and would love anyone interested to join me!  I will post some of the content, however, if you would like to follow along and do the study with me, I will post a link to the book!  It was only $9.99 on Amazon!

Here are some questions to begin pondering....

1, What do you believe is a woman's purpose?  Where do you believe a woman find her greatest fulfillment and why to you believe this to be true?

2. What are the "what if's" in life? What changes or adversities make it difficult or impossible for a woman to achieve her purpose as you defined above?

3. What has happened to you or someone you love that seemed to put purpose out of reach?

I pray you will come along on this journey!  I would love to have you!

Here is the link to the book!

Peace and Blessings 
Your Friend