It was major news to me to find out.... I could be physically alive and breathing.... but also be dead.

As strange as phenomenon is this seems, I can whole heartedly attest to its truth.

That was me.

That was me before God's perfect and timely awaking in my life.  In September of 2003, 13 years ago this month, I truly came alive.  God lead my heart to accept Christ as my Savior, my Comforter, my Friend, my Counselor, my Guide and my Life Line.  He became the air I breathed and the beat of my heart. My eyes were opened and I began to be blessed with the ability to see through and past the evil and darkness and believe in that which is good and true. 

Though my heart could and can still be broken, I now trust that at the very same time it is breaking apart, God is taking those pieces and making them whole once again.  Though my faith does and shall waver, I now know unbelief is a tactic of Satan and I press on toward the goal and STAND.  Though my strength can and still does get drained, I now know that the battle is not mine to fight.  I am able to hand Christ the boxing gloves while I fall to my knees. 

I was dead.  Because I had no eternally safe home for my heart.  I had no faithfully strong and perfect arms to be held in, when I was falling apart.  My heart beat for earthly gain and selfish ambitions and the main focus of my relationships were what they could do for me, not how I could serve them.  I had some goodness in me, but that goodness was used as a tool to gain acceptance and approval from others, rather than a sincere, sacrificial giving to glorify my Creator. 

Though God still leads me to walk through darkness and adversity and I may temporarily experience the pain, fear and doubt that often comes with it, I am quickly able to refocus and lead my heart home once again. 

With Christ, you can shine brighter than ANY Hollywood star because in you, others find hope.  In you, others will find comfort.  In you, OTHERS WILL SEE AND EXPERIENCE GOD.  

"Awake O sleeper,
and arise from the dead.
and Christ will shine on you." Ephesians 5:14

My friend, may you become fully awake today.  May you seek and find Christ.  May experience a light in your life that does not compare to the sunniest day or the brightest star.  

I shine, not because I am a star, but because.... I am a woman... redeemed. 

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend,


Karen Pawluk
09/13/2016 5:53am

Great job Missy. So happy you you are doing this. Many hugs and much love. 💕

02/20/2017 8:26pm

So much love for this post. It enlightens me more than I expected. I always let God lead my life for me, guide my decisions every day and let me walk with him. I trust him with all of my heart, I surrender everything to Him, because I know for myself, He is the only one who can do great things for me and satisfy what my heart desires. I don’t want to plan everything, because God has better plans than mine. The pain and darkness, we encounter will make us a better person, if we know deep from our heart that we Believe in His power.


Way back 2012, it was the year that I truly accepted Jesus Christ as my everything, I made a decision that He will be the one who's in charge or in control of everything. I let him run my life because I know for myself He has greater plans for me. It changed my whole life, from how I see things and make decisions in every day. He let me understand the things he is doing, though sometimes it's painful, but at the end of it, it's worth the pain. This is a great story of yours! Thank you for sharing!

10/19/2016 11:21pm

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11/07/2016 7:07am

I believe one day everyone dies. Because the world is not a real place, We should help to humanity and follow our religious. One day God may be asked me this question, how to spend your life in the world? so my answer's help to humanity and follows your rules.

12/05/2016 1:25am

God's comfort is a safe haven for his believers. I'm glad for a big leap of faith when you accepted Jesus Christ as your savior. There is a sense of peace when Christ is within you. We may have undergone through tons of disappointments, setbacks or temptations. But we are born to standout to the adversity of this world. We will completely trust his plans for our lives and bring glory to his name.

12/13/2016 10:19pm

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