Clarity?  Could it be an Evil Tactic?


How often do we pray for clarity?

"God, speak clearly to me?"

"God let me know if this is your will?"

I am beginning to believe the need for "clarity" is more from Satan than a call from God. It is a great and successful tactic to keep us from trusting and serving God.

And often, if we do not hear a "concrete" answer, we hesitate to make any decision or we make it with much fear and anxiety (which we know cannot be from God.)

Yesterday while driving I was listening to Moody Christian radio.  They played a song from Lauren Daigle called "Trust in You."  After the song was over the radio DJ told a story Lauren Daigle had shared about a missionary that went to work with Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Listen to the awesome song I posted above!!!

When the missionary arrived the first thing Mother Teresa did was ask him what she could do for him?  He responded to her that he would like her to pray for clarity for him.

Mother Teresa replied, "I will not do that, I will not pray for clarity for you."

Of course the missionary was curious as to why.  Mother Teresa explained to him that in all of her years of serving God she has never had clarity..... she has only had trust.


WOW.  Is what I thought.  Here is a woman that has spent her entire life serving God in ways most of us could not handle for one day and she has never done it with 100% clarity that this is God's will, she did it trusting it was.

Perhaps this is the greatest reason we as Christians miss out on a multitude of blessings in our life.  We spend most of our time MAKING SURE this is God's will and never acting upon it.  We are fearful and hesitant to step out and experience the miracles God can perform through us. We like our little boxes.

Here's the thing.  If you feel the Lord calling you to something and it lines up with God's Word (God is not going to call you to do anything contrary to His word; stealing, lying, adultery, fornication, etc,etc,etc.)  yet,  you just don't feel 100% clarity.  Perhaps what God is trying to teach you is trust.  If He does not give you a CLEAR answer... it does not mean He does not want you to do it.... it may be God testing your faith to trust Him in all things.

If He always gives you an easy, quick and clear answer a critical part of our faith life would never be developed.

As our children grow into adults, they are going to have to make life decisions for themselves.  Sure, they may still call us and get our input, but we cannot make those decisions for them.  In the end, they have to make their own choices and live with the consequences or celebrate the blessings!

God is no different. We can come to Him for guidance, a listening ear and sometimes He may give us a LOUD and CLEAR answer, other times, He may simply listen, give some feedback to ponder and leave the decision up to us.  NO matter what, His word tells us He will never leave nor forsake us, which means He will walk with you every step of the way.

"He will work all things for good for those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

So I end with this..... quit spending half or your life waiting to hear the CLEAR answer from God.  Certainly, if you feel He is telling you to wait on Him, obey, but if you simply aren't hearing the
I praise God for giving me a heart to serve Him, the courage to step out even when my flesh is unsure if it is His will and for making me.... a woman redeemed.

Peace and Blessings

Your Friend


09/19/2016 7:52pm

Thank you for sharing a very inspirational and educational post. I really got what you are trying to say and believe every word of it. Clarity should not be asked from God, sometimes God speaks to us in very inconvenient ways. God would oftentimes give unclear answers in the present, but will make sense in the future. We should not ask for a clear answer, but what we should give is a clear and unravelled faith. We shouldn't hasten everything that we ask for, it would come in time and through God's everlasting love, we will surely receive it in the future.


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