You know what really breaks my heart?


When I see others walking in self defeat and I know there is not a whole lot I can do to pull them out of it. 

I can encourage.  I can give them affirmations. I can sing their praises and I can point out every possible positive attribute they have.

But in the end... if they do not believe those things about themselves... it will all fall on deaf ears.  

It may give them a warm fuzzy for a moment or an even a day.... but their default thoughts and coping mechanisms will eventually switch back on. 

They are often their own worst enemy.  

That used to be me. (sometimes I may still struggle) It is exhausted to live a life where you already feel defeated before your feet even hit the floor.  

Exhausting to be in battle with yourself every. day.

Exhausting to have a mind filled with endless negative thoughts and feelings of anxiety and hopelessness. 

What can I do?

I can PRAY!  And I do!  

Those negative thoughts.... those feelings of anxiety and despair.... they are NOT from God. 

Giving my life to Christ did not only give me eternal life and save me from imminent death, it breathed life into my heart and soul. 

This was a process folks, I won't lie.  Allowing God to kill those old strongholds and thought patterns took time and more importantly... complete surrender.  

I fought this.  

I naturally have a desire for order and control.  And choosing to let go of worry, anxiety and self defeat, took MANY, MANY hard lessons.  What is basically came down to was God choosing to break through those steel framed walls by the only means He knew would work..... pain and exhaustion to the point I felt if I wanted to survive... I had no other choice but to give it to Him and lean on Him to carry me through.

Literally.  I could no longer do it or function in a healthy manner on my own.  I was self destructing.  

I thank God every day that He rescued me from my earthly demise and showed me how to love me.  Just me.  Plain old, sometimes controlling, sometimes moody, sometimes blah, often imperfect, flawed and messy me.  

I have learned.... others may not approve of me or my ways.  That is okay.  
Others may not like me for whatever reason.... that is okay.
I will make mistakes... daily.  Accepting them, repenting of them...makes them okay, even if others don't see it that way.

The freedom found in this.... is priceless and freeing. 

Satan is alive and well and he attempts every darn day to steal this from me.  I WON'T let him. God has my back.  

This freedom has allowed me to do things I normally would never have done, stepping out of my comfort zone and realizing.... God is my gauge.  No human's opinion will ever trump his. Ever. 
I want this freeing gift for you and everyone I know.  

Christ died to give us life and life abundant!!!  Even in this crazy, scary unpredictable world we currently live in!  

I long for you to quit hiding behind your own mask.

Quit sleeping in each... with the enemy. 

Let God reveal to you.... what He sees.  The you... stripped of all your negative and self defeating thoughts.  He sees the you... He made with purpose, talents and gifts He longs for you to use in service to Him... to bring joy to you. 

CHALLENGE: Take off all your make up...put on your glasses if you wear them.... don't touch your hair... now look in the mirror.

The day I was able to stand in front of the mirror...stripped of all the "things" I thought made me okay... and say... I am okay!  

Was a GREAT day. Another day I knew... I was a woman redeemed!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend



12/14/2016 9:12pm

It's true that not everyone will like what you do or what your personality is. You can't please everyone and that's the reality. Some people will still judge you even if you're not doing something wrong. The important thing is you know that you're true to yourself.Let us not be someone that the society wants us to become.

01/30/2017 4:51am

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