I Want to Wear The Same Outfit….. Everyday

I love shopping and clothes just as much as the next gal and I am afraid my three daughters are following suit! However, as much fun and as much joy as a new outfit is to buy and wear, when life gets difficult, my clothes, my desire to shop, my outward appearance becomes meaningless.

My closet is usually a holy mess!  Oh, I get these wild hairs every now and then to clean it up and organize it, but it lasts for a ridiculously short amount of time.  To the point that I have often pondered reducing my closet to the bare minimum.  I have read a lot on the "minimalist wardrobe" and found it intriguing.  The honest truth is I have my favorites and that is typically what I will grab to wear, leaving most of my clothing hanging without purpose.

Please don't judge!  I told you I would be raw and honest!! LOL

With all that being said, there is ONE outfit that often sits lonely, shoved to the side in a pile of unlucky, unchosen, winners.  It isn't really stylish, it's not going to draw the kind of attention to my appearance I normally receieve and even though it is so very worth it, it does take some effort to put on.  This particular outfit.... when worn correctly, consistently and with the right accessories makes me..... beautiful. It makes me strong.  It makes me take on the day with confidence and joy.

You ask.... can clothing really do that?

Oh yeah it can!

I fasten on the belt of truth...... so all I hear are God's truths.  His promises.  I can filter out the lies of the enemy.

I pull on the breastplate of righteousness...... remembering who I am in Christ, not allowing any firery darts from the world to penetrate my heart.

I slip on the shoes of peace...... so wherever I go.  I bring peace, not chaos, not pain or hurt.  But peace to the world around me.

Rather than a purse.... I carry the shield of faith..... so I can repel the bullets of pain, fear and doubt the world is sure to aim at me.  Satan will make sure of that

Lastly, I place on my head the helmet of salvation and the carry with me the sword of the Spirit...... which is filling my heart, mind and soul with the Word of God.  Making the top priority in my life above all else..... this is my greatest weapon against the schemes of the devil.  Know the truth..... and the truth shall set you free!

My Ephesians 6 outfit.  I want it to be the first thing I grab for every morning.  If I fail to put on my Armor anything else I choose to put on that day..... is simply a cover for my vulnerable and empty shell.

God longs to be involved in every part of my life.   And my closet is no exception.

Did you put on your armor today?


10/05/2016 7:15am

It is good that you have chose something unique for you. There are only few people who want to wear same. Mostly people want to wear different outfits everyday.


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