One of my BIGGEST….. Life Mistakes

I have made many mistakes in my life.

WAAAAAY too many to share on a blog post.

Mistakes are part of life's journey.  There is purpose in them, if we choose to seek God through the sometimes painful consequences, we will see Him make beauty from ashes.

I could say I regret my mistakes, but truly, that would not be honest.

As I look back on even mistakes I made yesterday, I see the growth God intended from them.  He takes what is meant for evil and uses it for good.  That is how merciful and loving He is to His children that choose to follow Him.

I will share with you what I believe to be one of my GRANDEST mistakes in life.  I allowed this mistake to repeat itself over and over again throughout my life, however, this mistake is often camouflaged and difficult to detect. It is one of those mistakes that becomes part of who you are and has rooted itself deep within your character.  It is a mistake.... that become "normal" to you, therefore, the only way to begin to overcome it, is by God revealing it's deadly forces in your life.

Here it is..... one of my BIG mistakes.....

  • Choosing to take refuge, find comfort, place security and dependence on individuals in my life, rather than God!
I have made this COLOSSAL mistake, my entire life.  That is.... until very recently.... as God basically had no choice but to take me through a painful season, in order to reveal this magnificent lesson.

In all fairness, from the moment we are born we learn to place our basic needs in the hands of man.  At that young age, we incapable of knowing or being aware of God, so, we look to our caregivers to meet our needs and basically keep us alive. So unless you taught and made aware of God's presence and provisions in your life, from a very young age, you will more than likely continue to place your needs and desires in the hands of man rather than God.

Growing up, I placed my need for love, acceptance, material items, self worth and validation in the hands of everyone from my parents, to friends and boyfriends. Once married, I placed a vast majority of needs in my spouses hands.  If they did not think i was okay... I was not okay.  If they did not meet my needs.... panic and anxiety set in.... as I truly believed.... no one would.

I was let down... over and over and over again.  Why?

Because all of the people in my life were evil?  Absolutely not!

What is means is all of the individuals in my life are infallible, just like me.  They were never meant to meet my every need and desire.  They aren't equipped to do that and that is not their job.

God.... is my Provider..... not my husband or his paycheck.

God is my Comforter..... though He often uses other people to help with this..... if no one in the world is around..... He is enough.

God is my Refuge...... the greatest tsunami cannot over take Him.  He is the only true safety net I have.

God is my Friend, my Confidant...... when I am lonely.... feeling unloved..... undesired.... or desperate for human affection...... and I am not receiving this from man.....His love.... is enough.

It has taken me many years and hard and painful lessons to finally understand and more importantly... BELIEVE... this truth.  But this truth.... has truly set me free! John 8:32

SO there you have it..... one of my BIGGEST mistakes.  But also.... one of God's perfect lessons in His perfect timing.  I pray this freedom for all who seek it.

Do not place any need you have in the hands of man.... they WILL let you down at some point in time, just as you have let others down.

Place your needs in the hands of the mighty God.... who is able to do immeasurably more than we can even think or imagine!!  (Ephesians 3:20)  He is just waiting patiently for your trust and faith!!!

Though I have fleeting moments.... I know longer fear the actions or omissions of man.... for I... am a woman redeemed!!!

Peace and Blessings

Your Friend



10/24/2016 12:25am

We all make mistakes. To relate this, I was like that before. I tried to find comfort, peace and dependence on someone else but not with God. It was a bad thing to do because I lost myself and I was becoming something who I never wanted to be. God is my savior and I broke it off with that person. I tried to rebuild and reconnect with God and he truly saved my life. Mistakes happened for a reason, maybe God challenged us so that we can find our way back to him.


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