Are you struggling right now?

Are you in physical or emotional pain?

Have you experienced some kind of physical or mental trauma that has left you feeling numb, depressed, anxious, stressed or overly burdened?

First off, you are not alone my friend.  Though I may never completely understand everyone's pain and how they experience it, I completely understand experiencing the type of pain that you feel you cannot survive.  The type of pain that brings you to your knees in a river of tears and though you have no thoughts of ending your life, you are convinced that death may be a better option than feeling this unbearable, hopeless pain.

I do get it.  

I have been paralyzed by pain.  Truly.  All I could do was lay there with my tears and let my body feel what it was feeling, being fully aware that at THAT moment, there was nothing I could do, but experience the pain and work through it.

We don't like pain.  

We want it to go away.  Now.

What God has revealed to me is pain, as unpleasant and unwelcome as it is, IS a part of life and no man can escape it.  

He has also taught me you can't run from it, you can numb it, but doing so only compounds the problem.  Eventually you have to either denumb yourself or live in perpetual state of unreality that will inevitably destroy every relationship and hope and dream you ever had.  

Here is the bottom line.... Sometimes... you have to just SIT with your pain.  

Sit with it, feel it, experience it, work through it, process it, allow God to work and do what God intended for it to do...


Yes!  Transform you.  Not by weakening you or destroying you.

But by STRENGTHENING you to a level you never, ever though possible.  

By CREATING in you a new heart that will feel compassion for others in pain and battle like you never have before  

By PUSHING you outside your comfort zone and allowing you to experience things, you otherwise would never have experienced.

By SHOWING you parts of yourself that you otherwise may never have seen or known.

By RESTORING you and MOLDING you... into the beautiful masterpiece He always intended.  

Yes, your pain will change you. Whether is changes you in a good way or a bad way totally depends on your dependence and faith in God and His purpose and promise for your life. 

If even through your worst pain, you believe that God is good.  That He wants the best for you.  That He is faithful.  That He has purpose for you.... then you will be able to take that pain, even though is may hurt like hell, and give it PURPOSE and NOT power. 

God.... wants you to...


He wants you to believe there is meaning and beauty even in the pain.

I have experienced this first hand friends.  I promise you.... He is faithful.  He is perfect in all His ways and the greatest thing I have ever done in ALL of my life....

Is give my life... including the pain.... to Him.

IF today.... you are in pain... of any kind.  I pray that you believe with all your heart... there is purpose and if you cannot get yourself to believe that.... perhaps you have not allowed God that proper place in your heart.

If you want to know how to get Him in that place.... message me.... comment..... or get on your knees and ask Him to fill your heart with Him in complete surrender to yourself.  

I promise you.... it will be the GREATEST thing... you will ever do and you will learn to take your pain...

and give it PURPOSE.

In turn... you will bless more people than you will ever be aware of.  They will see hope and promise in you because they will see God, even if they are not aware of it.  

I have found my purpose in my pain..... and through that pain.... 

I am a woman redeemed. 

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend



Everybody experiences both types of pains in their life. Most of the people didn't get out of these pains and consider death is the perfect solution. This is really wrong, one should be strong in this situation and live life happily.

04/10/2017 7:37pm

Crying like there's no tomorrow. Feeling miserable. And wanting to just sleep all day.. These are probably signs that you are in pain. Admit it, not all the time we are strong. Not all the time we can hide the pain in our "smile." Please bear in mind that it's okay to weep. It's okay to feel weak. It's okay to cry. You must let it out rather than hide it. But be sure that after all those things, the next thing you'll do is to stand up, wipe your tears and move forward. Always tell yourself, "This too shall pass!" God bless.

02/07/2017 6:49am

We can never avoid pain in our lives. No matter how much we avoid it, time will dictate when we will face it. At some point, it comes when we are utmost unprepared. But no matter what's your status in facing pain, you should keep in your mind that you will learn from it. It may look life a hefty hitch but trust me, it will benefit you soon, and will make you a stronger person! They say there are only two things pain can do to you, it's either it'll make you, or break you. Choose the one that will make you a better version of yourself!


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