In September of 2003 I willingly gave my heart and life away.

Through a series of God ordained events, Garrick and I were introduced to our Heavenly Father and chose to submit our lives to Him.

Let me be clear.  I don't really think either of us knew what that really meant.  We knew our souls longed to know our Creator but it was really the first step in a life long journey with MANY hills and valleys.

At the moment I submitted my life to Christ, I allowed God to put to death my fleshly and worldly desires in order to seek and pursue the will of God for my life.  It has been a journey of great and wonderful rewards and blessings along with some of the most difficult and painful lessons I have ever experienced.

Growing pains is my coin phrase.

Do you want to know what I have found to be, aside from salvation and eternal life, the greatest gift I have received through surrendering my life to Christ?

I AM NO LONGER STUCK WITH ME!  I am going to be totally frank (as I promised I would be)  I really don't always like me!  As I mentioned in my previous post.  I can be all sorts of emotional and often struggle with gauging my attitude based on the circumstances that surround me.

Yes!  Through the grace and strength of Christ I have the opportunity to change moment by moment!  I am no longer a slave to my emotions, my circumstances, my mood, to others actions.  HIP HIP HOORAY!

You know when your days starts off ICKY!  Like you wake up to a catastrophe of sorts, screaming children and an extremely busy day ahead of you and then because of this you respond to every unfortunate person that crosses your path like the great and powerful OZ??

Every minute with God, is a do over.  I am no longer stuck in that bad moment.  His mercies are new moment by moment.  I repent.  And choose Him over my circumstances.  I never have to be the same.  I evolve moment by moment.  Day by day.  I CAN BE the Missy I long to be.  The Missy God wills for me.

Not without struggle.  Not without growing pains.  Not without a TRUCK LOAD OF HUMILITY.

But each moment I breath, I breath in unison with God.  He breathes life into me and shows me the beauty in what I perceive to be UGLY AND UNFAIR circumstances.  They have purpose.  They will make me beautiful.

As I continue to blog, I will unravel for you some of the events that took place in perhaps the hardest two years of my life. But until then, know this. God is so very, very good.  I can attest to that like I never could before because of those two years.

He is so good to me.  He desires to be so good to you.

Will you evolve with me?  Beauty awaits you.

Peace and Blessings

Your Friend,


10/12/2016 1:42am

The best time of my life was when I found out that God is there for me through it all. There were times that I doubted him because I was in pain. Then, I surrendered everything to him and trusted him in his plans, everything was changed. He made me learn from all of my mistakes and I can see all the changes that has been made. I am proud of who I am now because of Christ.


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