Here's one of the greatest revelations I have had in my journey with God.... He is not satisfied, nor will you reap the benefits of His great and powerful strength and mercy... if you are not giving Him ALL or you.

By all of you.... I mean ALL OF YOU!  The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, your heart, your head, your soul, your toes and fingernails!  ALL. OF. YOU. 

He wants and will use it ALL!

For years I battled with this and at times still do.  

Here is a common scenario.... We willingly give our heart to Christ, we may open our Bible on occasion or maybe even daily, we pray ( maybe not as often or as heartfelt as we should, but we pray) we listen to some Christian music and we often go to church.  So... when we continue to struggle with feeling connected with the Lord and become frustrated at what we deem as a lack of His work in our lives.... we are stumped.  

We assume God has abandoned us.  

We begin to believe in hopelessness and defeat. 

We may even become belligerent toward God, walking away from Him and refusing to commune with Him at all.  

Are you ready to hear the secret?

Why you aren't feeling close to God?

Why you are not seeing Him working in your life?

Why you feel you are under constant attack and constant defeat?

The answer: IT'S YOUR HEAD!

That's right.

Stop and ask yourself, what are the thoughts that run through your head 90% of the time?

Are they pleasant?
Are they hope filled?
Are they positive?
Are they encouraging?
Are they uplifting?
Are they faithful?
Most importantly.... are they TRUE!!!!


Are they negative?
Are they worry?
Are they discouraging?
Are they full of doubt?
Are they hopeless?
Are they LIES???

Are you thinking more about the people that have hurt or wronged you than you are thinking about God's wonderful love and mercy?

Are you thinking more about the worries and stressors of the day than you are that God has already defeated Satan on the cross and won every battle you will face?  He will never take you.... where His feet have not already walked. 

God will NEVER, EVER, EVER be able to rule your heart.... while Satan rules your mind.

It won't happen.

I know this from personal experience. 

How do you combat this war that is taking place between your desire for God and Satan's desire for you?

You give God ALL OF YOU!  Your heart AND your head!

The only way to do this... is to completely change your mind set and the way you think.

A lot of people seriously have to rework their thought process and train their brain to focus on that which is Godly, hope filled and encouraging, as their mind will always go to it's default reactions.... negative worry and doubt. 

How do you retrain your brain?

I have found there is only one way and God has allowed me to go to such dark places only to reveal to me the only way to survive is by bringing His light.... to the darkness.  

It took some pretty significant, painful things for me to finally surrender my mind completely and realize.... if I don't choose to focus on the goodness.... this world will annihiliate me and many times... it has.  

It took me A LONG time to learn this and it is still a battle at times.  However, I have refused to succumb to the schemes of the devil and I flood my heart, my and soul with God's truth, His hope and His love.  

I meditate on His word and every time I begin to fear, worry, doubt or complain, I quickly grab a scripture or I pray until that thought dies.  

It may creep back up, but I start the process all over again.

It takes time, work and dedication.  This will not happen with half a heart or effort.  

You have to STAND strong and refuse to fall.  

Because the one thing I have learned for certain... are those willing to surrender to darkness.... will seldom see the light. 



Abundant Life.

These are all mine.....and I thank God... I am a woman... redeemed!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend




12/17/2016 2:37pm

A lot of people does not feel good in work because they are not interested in work. We should only that work start which we are interested and know better. Those people achieve success who know what is next step in his business.

03/22/2017 2:38am

I thought I already gave everything to God. I mean sometimes I do, but there are also times that I am not. Sometimes I imagined that God had already abandoned me and doesn't hear my prayers anymore. I lose my faithfulness sometimes and I totally regret that. I know my mind is the one thinking it, but I hope I can stop doing it already. There is a bunch of thoughts that comes to my mind and sometimes I don't know where is God to guide me on what path or choices I should make. Right now I am setting forth to make God as the one who is going to rule my mind and heart.


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