I am a creature of comfort!

Oh, I like mild changes, like the color of paint on the wall and perhaps adding a subtle new color to my hair,however, big changes are a big fat NO!

I like routine, consistency and predictability.  I have always been this way, ask my mama.  The problem with this, is life is anything but predictable!  We have no way of knowing what lurks around the corner.  We can plan out our day in our head but in the end, we really have no control over the day's happenings.  

You can't control the traffic jam, the two year old tantrum, the sick child, the unexpected bill, the friend in need, the broken appliance or the car that won't start.  And we surely can't predict the attitude, reactions and actions of the others around us!!

We think we can control it by our reactions, like somehow losing it and collapsing into a tirade or an adult pity party will remedy the situation, but I think we all agree, it only makes it worse!!

I am both compelled and blessed to share with you the three most AMAZING ways God has changed my life.  This is the real deal folks!  No fluff, no faking, just my true heart!!  Here goes....


  • 1. Showing me I had purpose!  Yes!  I am not here by accident or because my parents decided to have another child!  I am here for a purpose!!!  God knit me together in my mother's womb and while He was doing that, He gave me every characteristic, talent and gift I would need to fulfill the purpose He assigned to me. I was given a mission!!!  I may never know all the ways God used me on this earth, but rest assured He will and that my friends.... IS PURPOSE!!!

  1. 2. Showing me He will use ALL things that happen in my life.... for GOOD.   This perhaps is one of the greatest ways He has changed my life!  I have and will face some very painful and difficult situations in my life, as will most people. There was a day that when these storms would come rolling in, rather than STANDING strong and knowing God has a purpose, I will collapse into a puddle of self pity and continuously question why, why why?  I am not saying I still don't have moments I don't revert back to this behavior, but I can honestly tell you, the more difficult things God has allowed in my life, the greater my faith has become.  I have SEEN Him make beauty out of ashes and change hearts Satan had convinced me were a lost cause.  He wastes NOTHING!!!  I can walk through the storms knowing beauty awaits me on the other side, if I STAND on His truth!!

3. Teaching me what other's think about me is irrelevant in comparison to God's love for me. THIS my friends, is the foundation of life free from oppression.  Satan wants you to believe you are worthless, a failure, an accident or mistake, a horrible person, that your mistakes will never be forgotten or forgiven and that you can never be redeemed from your past. LIES LIES LIES!!!!!!!  Now, I will not go so far as to say that I still don't struggle with worrying about what other's think of me, however, I can honestly tell you that 99% of the time when I am worrying about this, it is because I fear I have jeopardized my witness for Christ.  I long for people to see Him not me and if I have done something offensive, I have not shown Christ to them.  God is my judge.  I will never be enough for this world.  I will never be able to please everyone.  People's expectations of me are often unrealistic and very self centered.  If I am hearing and following God, I have the assurance of knowing, though others may expect something different from me, I have pleased Him and THAT is all that needs to matter.  Your worth is not defined by the world's view of you, your  worth is completely defined by God's love and purpose for your life.  

THESE.... are my top picks for God's great changes in my life!  

How has God changed your life?

Please share!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 




Your three major ways very good and profitable for a husband. Because of a husband in the home who lead and care his family. Every person should advance learn before the married if he wants a happy life with his wife.

03/29/2017 9:36pm

Our life is unpredictable. Only God can predict the present and the hereafter. We can plan what might happen in this day and the other days, but we don't have any idea of what might really happen. We all have a role in our life because God makes us experience this. All the things that happen in our life also have a reason because it can be a beneficial or bad thing. Let us let God judge us because he is our creator. Never ever let other people criticize you, maybe they can do that but always remember that you know yourself much better.


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