You ARE strong enough!

Whatever you are facing today.

Whatever hill or mountain you are attempting to climb.... You can and you will reach the top.

Your BIGGEST barrier to pressing through this difficult time.... is you.

Have you ever noticed how as you watch someone you know or love struggle through a trial or painful time in their life.... it is so easy for you to see the victory they will claim in the end!

You have no doubt!

You believe in their strength... far more than they do.

You can see the picture clearly without emotional ties and words of doubt plaguing your mind.  

This is how God sees you in your struggle.  

Think of all the times you faced a hard or devastating situation and you were certain you could not handle the pain or make it through the situation without crumbling beyond repair?

You made it!

You are still here!

And you are still pressing on!

Oh, how I understand that feeling!

Some of you may not even know me or know me well.... but I promise you... I am one of your biggest fans!

I pray and root for the those in battle and I believe without doubt you WILL find victory!

I posted yesterday on why we often don't feel God at work in our lives..... our head.  Our thoughts.  Our constant negative self talk.  

Don't be your worst enemy.... join forces with God and be your greatest ally!

With Christ as your protector ..... you are like titanium to those flying arrows and bullets!  You may be knocked down, but you can't be defeated!!!

I pray that this message will move from your head to your heart in God's speed.  That you would absorb and bask in the confidence that you are rightly given with God as your Savior.  That you were savor each moment of life, understanding that the journey is not promised to be easy, but it is promised to be purposeful!

Let strength and dignity be your clothing.

You ARE strong enough.

I AM strong enough.  I AM a woman.... redeemed.

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend



God granted your prayer. This message is in my heart now. You are right about everything. I can do this! Whatever this is that is trying to defeat me, I'll defeat instead. I am unbeatable, because God is with me. Thank you for posting this. If I haven't read this, maybe I was still blaming someone for what is happening to me. I also pray that this message will inspire you to write many more articles that aims to inspire others. God bless you!


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