I swear I was born a worrier. 

As a little girl I worried endlessly about anything and everything I can think of!  I recall having stomach aches frequently and that burning, churning pain in the pit of my stomach.  As a kid, you really do not understand WHY you worry, and you surely do not have the capacity to understand that you don't HAVE to worry.  

Worrying... just became normal to me.  

However normal it may have seemed, it was far from healthy and never proved productive.  Constant worry/ anxiety can be unbearable and will send you running for the quickest form of relief.  Often, that relief can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms, which lead to bigger problems! For me, it lead to a four year battle with Anorexia.  Anorexia became my source of control and order.  I took my focus off of everything else and gave me a false sense of relief as I felt I was able to control SOMETHING in my life!  The more control I had over my eating and exercise regiment the better I felt.  The painful cries of hunger that growled within my stomach were a sign of beautiful victory to me!  

You can clearly see my point, regarding unhealthy coping mechanisms!  

As an adult my worrying got better, but was still a thorn in my side!  I believe part of the reason it got better was as an adult, I had more control over my environment and circumstances.  I could make choices for myself and remove myself from stressful situations, where as a child, you rarely have that option.  You are kind of like a sitting, cement, duck!

When Christ found me.... I found an entirely new outlook on worry and fear!  He revealed to me these emotions were NOT from Him, but 100% devil sent!  In Christ, there is no reason to worry, as He is now our life guide.  He has our best interest at heart and has a beautiful plan for our lives, that often may include some struggles, but those struggles have purpose!

Yet, even with this knowledge, I still fall into the pit of worry, fear and anxiety!  Here are the most powerful tools God has given me to FIGHT and STAND against this evil tactic of the enemy....

1. PUT THINGS IN PROPER PERSPECTIVE!  This one is huge!!  As I think back to all of the things I have wasted precious time worrying about, I can honestly tell you a vast majority of them NEVER came to pass.  Think about it.  Ponder all of the things, issues or situations you have attempted to control by worrying and the issue never became an issue!  I can tell you with great confidence that this will more than likely continue to be the case for the list of things satan will give you to worry about!  What if's almost always turn out to be.... wins!

2. PLACE YOUR WORRY IN THE HANDS OF GOD!  Easy right?  No, this takes time to learn how to accomplish, nevertheless, it is totally attainable!  I am living proof!  God gave me this scripture to ponder years ago in my season of endless worry and anxiety... "Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will succeed." Proverbs 16:3  When worry comes knocking on my heart, I meditate on this scripture over and over and over again.  God's got my back!  Always.  

3. BELIEVING THAT EVEN IF MY WORST FEARS CAME TRUE..... GOD HAS A PLAN AND BETTER YET... HE IS USING YOU!  He does.  No matter what it is, how badly it hurts, He has a plan and a purpose!  A mighty one at that.  You are just an instrument He uses to accomplish His greater will on this earth.  Allow Him to use you as He desires and reap the blessings that you never though possible, through the struggles you only believed would sink you.  

4. TAKE THE FOCUS OFF OF YOU!  This one is 100% full proof in my book!  Stop obsessing over your own life and place your focus on someone else's or another situation in which God could use you!  When I have woke up in the morning with anxiety and worry plaguing my heart, but rather than wallow in that, asked God, who can I serve today?  Who needs a phone call, kind note, some cookies, a break from their children, whatever it may be, I find a peace that surpasses all understanding.  God designed our hearts to find the most joy, the most peace, the most fulfillment through serving others by serving Him.  

"The Greatest Joy... Comes From Hands.... Immersed in the Work of God.

5. UNDERSTAND THE REALIZATION THAT THIS WORRY/ FEAR IS SATANS WAY OF STEALING PRECIOUS YEARS OF YOUR LIFE!  It is.  He wants pain, heartache and unbearable fear and worry to wipe you out to the point you are not able to lift a finger to serve the God that can heal you.  If your focus is solely on the doom that surely awaits you, your energy is spent!  I know, I have been there.  During these past years of struggle in our home I have experienced more anxiety than I can ever remember.  Literal shaking, could't eat, couldn't be still, yet didn't want to move.  What I learned was priceless..... no matter WHAT Is happening around me.... I can choose joy.  It ain't easy folks!  But with persistence and an absolute REFUSAL to stay stuck in Satan's trap, I have learned to allow the fear to come but then quickly resolve to kick it to the curb and press on toward God's goal for me... which has NO fear involved!  

Fear is a lie.... that holds you prisoner in your own body!  

You CAN combat it!  You WILL combat it.  God. Never. Fails!!!!!  

My fear, though may surface, has been replaced with a peace that only comes through placing my trust in the One who has my life mapped out to the tiniest detail  Because of His faithfulness... I am a woman... redeemed. 

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


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