I am appalled.

There is no better word to use.  Okay, except maybe disgusted. 

With God as my guide and filter I really try to shy away from subject such as politics. I do so, simply because I do not want to get involved in heated quarrels that really have no purpose but for people to air their opinions. And often, it is not done in respectful or kind manners.  

However, God has given me a message to share that I honestly  know I would be walking in disobedience if I did not share.  My body was actually shaking as I grabbed my computer, as part of me did not want to obey. 

God has made it clear to me that my job is not to judge others, but to lovingly guide them in God's direction.  So let me make this very clear, this is not a post on JUDGING others, this is a post on DISAGREEING with others actions.  There is a HUGE difference!

Last night, like millions of other Americans, I watched the presidential debate.  I am not going to beat around the bush, so here it is.....

I am absolutely, completely appalled that the members of our country would vote for an individual that finds it acceptable to dismember a full term baby inside it mother's womb and call it the woman's choice!  


No one wants to talk about the hard stuff.  No one wants to hear the gory details of what happens in that surgical room.  

It is not an abortion.... it is plainly and simply murder.  There are several different methods a Dr. will use to remove the baby, as it is considered "abortion" as long as the baby is still in the mother's womb. So, you know what the Dr. does?  One of the methods used in late term abortions is delivering the baby's head, then breaking it's neck, then delivering the rest.  Then they take that precious baby and throw it in a biohazard bag OR send it off to be used for science!  

So I need someone to explain to me the difference between that and a woman who delivers the entire baby's body and then kills it and throws it in a dumpster.  

Either way... she did't want the baby... the end result was the same.... the heart was the same... the only difference is the baby's feet were not allowed out of her womb!  

Make sense to you?

It shouldn't.

If our country finds this acceptable and okay.... 

America... you have reached a whole new level of depravity.  

Our country has so many resource for mother's who find themselves pregnant and not wanting or not being able to keep the baby.  Free medical care, adoption, homes for pregnant women, Safe Haven law, just to name a few.  

 I listened to a candidate last night go on about the women that have to make this horrible and difficult choice to save their own lives.
Really?  A baby at that gestational age is viable outside the womb, which means, if that mother's life was in danger due to the pregnancy, that baby could be born alive and kept alive.  Killing the baby would be completely unnecessary!  

Medicine has developed in such phenomenal ways in this country that baby's at the 21 weeks gestation are able to survive with needed medical intervention.  

There is not justification for taking the life of an innocent baby.  None.  

In the very, and I mean VERY small percentage of cases where medical intervention may be needed on behalf of the mother, a medical Dr. would do everything necessary to save the life of both the mother and the baby.  There would be no need to walk into an abortion clinic.  

I am simply heart sick that there are so many individuals in this country that support such behavior all in the name of... FREEDOM TO CHOOSE!  

Simply because there is an option to choose does not mean that there is a choice!

I have the choice to abuse my children when they act up.  I have the choice to steal something I really want when I don't have the money.  I have the choice to simply walk up and kill someone I don't like.  I have a million choices a day at my disposal..... just because they are there.... does NOT mean they are truly an option!

This is a heart issue.  It goes back to what God teaches us through Jesus's selfless action of dying for the entire world's sins!  Our country is plainly selfish.  Anyone who would put their right to CHOOSE over a human life has a very, very hard heart in my opinion.  

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourself." Philippians 2:3

At the end of the day... I will take a candidate that calls me names and disrespects me over one that wants to dismember and kills baby's any day of the week and twice on Sunday!  Mainly because I have learned.... it is not about me.If it saves a baby's life.... call me any darn name you want!

If this country chooses to place this candidate in office, I truly will have lost faith in most of humanity. .  I am grateful and thankful for my faith for a million reasons.... but one main one being... I know... no matter who lives in the White House..... my God REIGNS in heaven and earth!  

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


Don Powless
10/20/2016 5:16am

AMEN Sister!!!!


Every person believe in God and i also believe in God. God is only one but many people has different opinion. All the creation of God and Good is watching us but we cannot see God.


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