I have heard it said countless times.

"I am not hearing God."
"I pray... but hear nothing."
"I wish He would just make it clear!"
"God never speaks to me."

Oh, the frustration that is felt when you feel you are calling out to God.... the God you so desperately want to trust and give your troubles to, yet, you hear nothing in response!

I have been there, many, many, MANY times.  I totally understand my friends.  

BUT..... once again.... God. 

He is faithful.  

He is listening.

He is able to do immeasurably more  than we can ever think or imagine!! (Ephesians 3:20)

I am not going to tell you my breakthrough with hearing God's voice came easy.... it did not.  I believe over the years I have heard Him speak from time to time but never in a consistent manner. I was often left questioning if that was truly His voice or my busy, yacky brain.

What brought me more clarity in hearing God than any other thing.... was DESPERATION.  That's right!  A complete and utter desperation for Him.  Fully knowing and understanding that I had nothing left on earth left to help me.... but Him.  

Finally realizing that God is my ONLY true source of comfort and peace and He has ALL the answers I will ever need.  

We will find ourselves questioning SOOO many times.... why God allows us to travel through painful or devastating circumstances.... and I will tell you straight up.... this is one of the very reasons...

To strip you of every earthly comfort you have ever placed your trust in and leave you desperately seeking the ONE thing that will truly bring comfort. Him.

For us stubborn folks.... this can take MANY, MANY....... MANY hard lessons.  God is nothing but faithful.... ergo.... He will NOT give up on you.  So... if He has to take you to the threshold of hell to get you to finally seek Him..... that is exactly what He will do!

Since experiencing the great pain of a devastating season of life..... and then falling on my knees in desperation.... I have learned three ways God speaks clearly to me!  I want to share them with you today!!!  

1, QUIET TIME ALONE WITH HIM!!!!  Folks, when I say quiet, I mean QUIET.  I have learned that one of Satan's easiest and greatest tactics to keep us all from hearing God.... is NOISE!  I hear God's voice and feel His presence the most when it is so quiet I could hear a pin drop in the room.  Honestly, every little noise distracts me.... the dog's snore, the dog licking, music, car doors slamming, a random noise in the house.  I have to have complete silence!!  I sit in that silence... with my eyes closed... and heart open.  At first, it feels uncomfortable... Satan makes sure of that.... but then all of a sudden... I begin to feel His glorious presence.... like a flood of peace. In my mind... I can almost see a vibrant light.... and I know He is with me.  

Seriously... if you have to go hide in your car... do so.  You have to have silence and you have to learn to be still in it.  We live in a noisy world and that is what we all have become accustom to. You cannot hear God.... through meaningless noise.  Find your quiet space and time and invite God in.  Be patient.... this is a learned behavior.  It is not what we are used. to.  
2.  BE PREPARED FOR WARFARE!  Seriously... it will happen.  Prepare yourself in advance.  Another Satan scheme is to place doubt in your mind that you are actually hearing God.  This happens to me instantaneously when God speaks! 

For instance.... I sit in my quiet.... come to God with a question or wait to hear His response and suddenly I will hear His directive....and BAM... hear comes Satan....leading me elsewhere. Playing 500 different scenarios in my mind why that won't work or is a bad idea.  Making something else look more appealing.  This happens... ALL. THE TIME!

For awhile I thought I was truly not hearing God and that I needed to listen to the 500 other possibilities, then I realized... God is not a God of confusion.  He would not give me 500 different scenarios to choose from.  He would speak softly and clearly and He would nudge my heart along with it.  I have found when it is God... I feel a little spark in my heart.  Just a tiny warmth. So I know it is from Him.... as He desires to touch my heart... so I will touch others.  

3. READ HIS WORD.... EVERYDAY!  God is NEVER, EVER, going to give you an answer that is contrary to what His word would tell you.  So, if you don't know His word, you are going to be left not only confused, but possibly choosing contrary to what God would will.  

The thing is... this does not have to be a stressful, have to, thing to add to your day.  When I struggle with knowing what to read, I simply open up to Proverbs and read the Proverbs that coorelates with the date.  There is a WEALTH of knowledge in Proverbs!!  It is an easy start to get you in the word. 

Meditate on what you have read all day.  When your mind is adrift, bring it back to Him and His word.  Start training your mind to heart God's word and voice, rather than the world's noise!!

I pray these three little tip will help you!!  It is not a one size fits all and something different may work for you!  These are my steps to hearing what God wills for me and even still, sometimes I don't hear right away.  God can also make us wait on an answer.

But in that wait.... are more lessons to be learned.  In that wait..... He is teaching us... to be still... and know He is God.  

I pray you learn to find comfort in the silence..... to prepare for battle when you seek Him..... and find joy in His word.  For these very things..... have made me.... a woman redeemed.  

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


Carol Ann Sample
10/26/2016 5:45am

Thank you Missy! I've been dealing with this a lot these past few months.

10/26/2016 5:51pm

You are so welcome Carol Ann!!! I pray some of the ideas help you!!

03/05/2017 10:23am

The Lord silently heard every single word we say to him, everything that we desire, everything we need and every single pain we have. We can hear him by his actions, look around, and you'll see what he is trying to say to us. We just have to open our eyes clearly and listen carefully. He has unlimited ways to connect and reach us. But in order for it to see we must know by heart that we accept and believe in him. Through him nothing is impossible Keep that fire in your heart in willingness.God is bigger than your problems.


This one of the amazing and beautiful topic. God is watching us in all time and also hearing but we can not see him. Because God is great and he create us. I also believe in my God and God is only one.

12/16/2016 3:36am

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02/01/2017 12:40am

God knows everything , God knows that we have problems , struggles in life . More than anyone in this world God is the one who see us suffering , have pain inside . god knows that we are strong , strong to survive the pain or struggles that we have. In his perfect timing he will lead us to the right path and clear all the doubt in our mind and heart. I know God let us encounter this problems to us to be strong and have faith with him. Thank you for sharing this with us .


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