Are you a prisoner, held in bondage to your past? 

Have you had a season of your life, when you have made some questionable or even hideous choices and that Devil won't let you forget?

Perhaps, it is not a past issue.  Perhaps, you are currently struggling with an ugly sin you can't seem to be set free from.  Perhaps, it is well known, perhaps it is a secret identity you hide from the world.  It is the life you lead... when you think no one is watching.  

Someone.... is always watching. ....

"Noting in creation is hidden from God's sight.  Everything is uncovered and laid bare before Him to whom we must give an account." Hebrews 4:13

You can't fool God.... ever.  He sees every little tiny sin we commit. Even if you did not outwardly sin, He can see your heart and knows the thoughts that roam through your mind.  

Kind of unnerving isn't it?

Well, actually, it doesn't have to be.  Yes, God sees our sin, BUT, God is the One who can cut the chains that keep you in bondage to that sin. 

God USES ANY human being that gives themselves to Him and allows themselves to be used by His mighty hands. 

Take this story from the book of Joshua...

Rahab was a prostitute in the town of Jericho.  Her home was located at the front of the city, possibly to draw in more clientele.  Joshua had sent two spies into the town of Jericho as they were getting ready to take over and destroy the city.  Rahab has heard about the power of the Israelites, how Moses had parted the Red Sea and how they had destroyed neighboring Kingdoms.  Her heart became convinced of the power of the almighty God and she chose to follow Him, rather than the gods she once knew.

God sent these two spies to Rahab's home.  Because God had prepared her heart ahead of time, she let the spies in, knowing their goal was to destroy the city and all those who lived there.  She hid them on the roof of her home, to keep them hidden from her town inhabitants.  She asked only one thing in return from these spies.  
She asked that when the city is destroyed, that she and her family be spared.  She confessed to the spies that she knows their God is the God of heaven and earth.  

The spies agreed to spare she and her family's lives for theirs.  Rahab then lowered the men down off the roof with a rope.  The men told her to place a scarlet cord in her window, SCARLET, the color that is often used to describe our sin, the men would know that was her home.  Her sin would be displayed in the window for all to see.... but THAT would be the ONLY home that was spared.  The one baring their sin! 

What a statement that is!  

Rahab did as she was told and when the city of Jericho was destroyed and they burned the city and everything in it with fire, her home was the only one left standing.  

Rahab would later be mentioned in the book of Hebrews as one of of God's faithful ones.  God saved Rahab in every sense of the word.  A woman in active sin.... God chose to do His work and in turn saved her... heart, body and soul.  

If you read about Rahab later in the Bible, such as in the book of Hebrews, God does not refer to her as just Rahab, He calls refers to her as the Prostitute Rahab.

Rahab turned from her sin... into the hands of God. 

Why do you suppose that is?

To humiliate her?  To add more shame to her past?  To make sure she always remembers who she was and what she did?

No. That is not it at all.  God continues to refer to her the Prostitute Rahab in order to show us, yes, this woman has a past and she made some horrible choices, but I used her anyway!!!  Her sin had no baring on her ability to serve Me.  Her past cannot be erased, but once she chose Me... her past didn't matter.  

He wants us to see.... it does not matter what you have done... or what you may still be doing!!  God is a God of redemption and restoration.  

The hands of the ugliest of all sinners....
The hands of the holiest of all saints.....
Can both be used..... by our perfect God. 

Your past, no matter what a train wreck it may seem to you and others around you, can actually be used by God in a much more powerful way than one without a past. 

The greatest testimony's to God's goodness and deliverance don't come from those who lead a pristine life from beginning to end.... but those who found themselves in the bondage of the most hideous of sins..... but allowed God to break the chains that bound them.  The one's that went from what the world would call, a worthless junky, professional thief or the town whore to a beautiful servant of God. 

It is the most beautiful transformation you will ever witness!  

Don't live in bondage to your past!  USE your past to glorify God and show the world He is a God of faithfulness and restoration!  He is a God of healing and grace.  He is a God with patience beyond our human comprehension and with the ability to take our sin and throw it as far as the east is from the west. 

Sure, the world may always remember our sin.... but... WHO CARES!!  

Let he without sin, cast the first stone!!  There is no one qualified to do that... I promise you!  

You are a creation of the almighty, perfect God.  He can and will use you in mighty ways... if you give your heart completely to Him!!!  

Break free from your past or current sin today!  Give your sin to God and in turn... He will give His heart to you.  It is a win/win!!!!

Giving my sin to God.... made me... a woman... redeemed!!!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend



03/27/2017 12:33am

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