We live in a very beauty focused world!

It is quite disturbing when you really ponder it. The beauty craze does not discriminate either!  Both women and men have found an unhealthy focus on outward beauty!  I have seen this evolve even since I was young, which really was not THAT long ago, come now!! LOL 

Take a look at Pinterest or just the internet in general, you will never want nor need for an article on hair, makeup, fitness/weight or fashion.  Don't get me wrong, I love to play around with make up and fun clothes as much as the next gal and I am always eyes and ears for a handy make up or hair tip, however, I have learned something so much more valuable  about beauty, than how to properly apply my mascara...... I have learned.....

"I Cannot Obsess with the Image in the Mirror.... While Neglecting the Reason it's There." 

I have blogged many times before on the IMPERATIVE importance of a beautiful heart.  I can express enough the changes you will experience when you allow God to penetrate your heart at its core and give Him the power to shine His light through your!

Beauty takes on a WHOLE new meaning!  Most women can be very critical of their looks, specifically their body.  I am no exception, I used to pick a part photos of myself or often be dissatisfied with how my outward appearance looked.  Since allowing God to truly take up full residence in my home, I have begun to lose that desire to self critique. I can look in the mirror now and be content with what I see.  I can snap a selfie and not be self conscious, like I used to.  Heck... I have even become comfortable with vlogging... WITH NO MAKEUP!!! 

Why?  Because God lives in me.... that is ALL the beauty I need.  

Sure, I still LOVE make up and hair and clothes and all that jazz.... I am after all, a woman.  That is part of femininity and that is ok!  What is not ok..... is obsessing over the image in the mirror while neglecting the reason it's there!

So.... today... do you want to INSTANTLY look more beautiful?????  Here are sure fire ways and you won't find them in your bathroom or closet.....

1.  SMILE!  Yes SMILE!  In the words of Truvy from Steel Magnolias.... "SMILE.. it increases our face value!!"  And it does!  A heart fixed on the Lord cannot walk around with a frown or scowl!  His love and grace are way too good for us to do anything but smile at the thought of Him! A cheerful heart... makes a cheerful face... which radiates beauty!

2. SERVE/ GIVE!  Look around you and ask God to show you ways you can help, serve or give on a daily basis!  Make this the purpose of your day!  It does not matter how small the gesture is, a kind note or email, an encouraging word, an impromptu gift or surprise, a homemade baked good or meal delivered to someones door or offering to run an errand for a busy mom.  ANYTHING... you can do in service to others... is a beautiful thing!  

3. ENCOURAGE/ DON'T DISCOURAGE!  It goes back to the old saying if you can't say anything nice, don't TALK!  I get it, I have found myself in the act of discouragement, but truly, that is all about my heart!  If I honestly believe that my God can do immeasurably more than anything I could think or hope for (Ephesians 3:20) than I should not have anything but encouragement on the tip of my tongue.  Because I am human and will fail at this... that is why God made it possible for us to close our traps and keep them closed! LOL  Like I tell my children, you do not have to say EVERY SINGLE WORD that comes to your mind!

4. LOVE!  Yes, LOVE!  Love all people but specifically the ones that are hard to love. You know who they are!!  Ask God to help you with this, as it can be a difficult task, however, beauty is found all over a heart that can love those that appear to deserve it the least.  Now let me clarify, that loving someone does not mean APPROVING of everything they do, loving someone simply means showing them kindness and respect believing God can redeem anyone!!!  

So there you have it!  INSTANT beauty!  No lipstick or curling iron holds a candle to these actions!  When you choose beautiful behavior, it will A) only enhance the outward beauty and B) very often it will completely take the focus off the outward, because people will see your heart FIRST.  

My beauty comes from the God... that made me... a woman redeemed!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


11/14/2016 10:10pm

It's a wonderfully written article. I do agree with you that females shouldn't only focus on their physical appearance but that of their other side of feminity. A person shouldn't also be bounded and obsessed with material things for these will some day be gone. In my opinion, everyone is beautifully created by God in different ways. We just have to learn how to appreciate an aspect of ourselves deep within.


Yes I agree as well. The topic appears to be very interesting, I guess there would be lots of interpretation on this. We have different perspectives and perceptions in life thus we can all relate ourselves to this and I bet everyone can add there insights and experiences in this wonderful article. I think appreciation is the second most powerful force in which we can enjoy the lives we are living. Thank you very much.


I really love this blog. This blog has been an eye opener for me. This should be read by girls because blogs like this will help them value and love themselves. This is very meaningful because this will help you never allow what other people might think at you. You just have to be yourself and appreciate the internal beauty which means behavior and then it will compliment the external beauty that the people will see and appreciate.


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