Today... is the day.

Today.... we are given the incredible freedom to cast our vote for whom we believe should lead our country.

I have to admit.  For years, I couldn't have cared less about politics.  I really payed little attention and never stepped foot in a voting booth.  

I sometimes REALLY, REALLY miss those days.  

It's like the old saying.... sometimes... ignorance is bliss.  

That is not the case anymore.  There is simply too much as stake NOT to pay attention to politics.  

Once I accepted Christ, my entire world view changed. I will never, ever forget the letter my wonderful cousin Nick, a devout and faithful Christian, sent me right after Garrick and I were saved. 

He had been praying for YEARS for his family members to come to know the Lord.  The day Garrick and I called him and told him that we had accepted Christ, he laid the phone down and we heard him calling out to God in heavenly praises for our salvation.  

About a week later, he sent us a letter in the mail.  Somewhere, I still have that letter, (though I have admitted organization is not really my thing.. LOL) In that letter he wrote..... now that you have Christ living in your heart..... your view of the world will change.... and your heart will begin to ache and hurt..... for a lost and hurting world.  

How right he was.  I began to notice and observe things in the world, I never paid attention to before..... the hatred, the lack of valuing life, the corruption, the never ending violence and immorality that has simply become "normal."

It's not normal.  

It's devastating.

Today.... we are faced with an extremely difficult decision.... at least in my heart it is.  

The two candidates we have to choose from are like being forced to choose between two bottles of poison...... though both are dangerous an potentially, very harmful.... one you KNOW without a doubt stands for death and darkness and will more than likely be your demise.  The other is not a lot better, but, this one does have a heart for life..... and gives you the greatest chance of survival.  

I am going to choose the lesser of the two toxins.  

I am going to ask God..... in the midst of this impossible decision..... what aligns closest to His values and commands.  

I will listen for His voice.  I will cast my vote according to His response.  I pray His will be done.  I then, will sit back, be still, and KNOW that He is God.

That is the peace  find.  

This morning.... God continues to remind me of how often wicked rulers that made seemingly devastating and unjust decisions were used for His will and for the good in the Bible. 

Imagine the day Pontious Pilot allowed Jesus to be tortured and killed, AN INNOCENT MAN, and having to stand by and witness this.  This seems like corruption and evil at its worst.  And it was.  HOWEVER, God had a much GREATER plan than anyone could have possibly seen or known.

He used the wicked individuals that killed the Savior of the world.... to accomplish His greater purpose.... of offering salvation... to even the individuals that murdered Jesus Christ.  

No one is beyond the reach of God and no situation can become to grim that God cannot redeem it with a simple command.  

And though, I often get caught up in the evil corruption of the world and it angers me deeply, at the end of the day.... my hope rests in the arms of my Savior.... not my president. 

God will take care of His children.  They may be asked to walk down a painful and evil road, they had no part in choosing, but He promises a crown of glory for those who STAND and persevere.  

I want my crown.

Therefore, I will submit to my Father.... whatever His will may be.  And if the outcome appears scary, evil, dark or grim.... I will continue to hold His hand as He leads me to the place.... where the pain will eventually end.  

Today... I pray for this country Lord. My heart is heavy.  My heart is frustrated.  My heart is weary.  But.... my heart belongs to you.... Not the world... therefore..... what can this world do to me.......but send me running deeper into your arms. You are my Rock and my Salvation.  I will trust in You and You alone.  Be with each voter today Lord..... and show Your glory by taking a seemingly hopeless situation and shedding Your light like never before. 

In Jesus Holy and Precious Name... Amen. 

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 


When life becomes tough and the situations are bad everything should be left on the god. Its not that god has ignoring us in the bad time but he is making us strong enough to face the evil situation. I hope everything would be fine and just have faith in god and wait for the right time.


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