Today is bound to be an emotional day for many.  Some celebrating a very unexpected victory and others mourning a very unexpected defeat.

Though I have been lead to place as much trust as I possibly can muster up, in the candidate that stands for the sanctity of life..... I believe with either candidate in office, our country is facing a major challenge.  

Facebook and social media as well as television are going to be blowing up with their personal fears and opinions about the outcome of this election.  It may not be pretty.  Already this morning as I was scanning through FB I saw a post that literally JUMPED off the screen and sank into my heart.  I immediately felt a call from God to address this post as I believe it is going to lead millions upon millions of women down an unnecessary path of hopelessness and despair. 

Without repeated it verbatim it read something like this... "Ladies... your body is no longer your own... it belongs to Donald Trump."

For a moment I was aghast at such rhetoric, but once my spirits kicked in, I was easily able to discern God's voice leading me to address this evil lie from Satan.

If you do not have a relationship or belief in the Almighty, Perfect and Sovereign God, this post may speak very little to you. (and I pray from the bottom of my heart, that changes!!) It may even ruffle your feathers, which, PLEASE believe me when I say.... that is the furthest from my intentions. 

I am writing on behalf of God in attempt to bring you some peace.  Your body.  Your precious,and cherished body, does not belong to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or any other government official.  Your body..... the one God knitted together in your mother's womb., the body that God brought to life for great purpose, the body.... that has more than likely both... walked through beauty and the fires of hell.... belongs to your Father in heaven.  

See, this is the where the healing can begin.  When our eyes are opened to the comforting realization that our body was designed and brought to life to be a part of playing out God's grander purpose on this earth. 

Our body is not even our own. Every decision I make.... I make at the feet of my Heavenly Father, looking up to Him to guide my way. 

I want to do absolutely NOTHING with my body... that does not bring glory to Him.

Therefore, if I am placing God's purpose for my life and body above even my own desires, there will be no room or place for any other's desires.  I will follow Him and Him alone. 

I have both prayed over and studied God's word for many years and have become aware of God's desire for how I treat my body and what I choose to do with my body....

*God desires for me to care for my body.... eating well, staying active, maintaining yearly checkups, getting enough rest, and caring for my body when it is ill or need of healing. Avoiding things that are toxic to my body... drugs, excessive alcohol or tobacco. 

*God desires for me to use my body to glorify Him.... by staying faithful to my spouse....serving Him by helping others.....not taking unnecessary risks with my body. Allowing my body to be used to bring forth another precious life.... even if that life was not in my plans (that was my little Audree!) He has purpose for that child's life.... just as He has for mine. 

*God desires for me to honor Him with my body, by not allowing anyone or anything to determine my worth other than God's unfailing, undying and perfect love for me.  He is my life gauge.  I pray He is yours.

*Lastly, God desires for me to cherish my body.  It is the ONLY one I will ever have on this earth.  It is both fragile and strong!  It can accomplish far more than I can ever imagine with God as my mentor.  He will use my body to accomplish great and wonderful things.... one of which may be bringing for another life..... that He created to cure cancer.  It is not for me to decide or know.... simply to trust and obey.

When an angel came to the virgin Mary and told her that He was going to use her body to bring for the Savior of the world.... her response was inspiring.... "I am the Lord's servant, let is be as you say." Luke 1:38  If she had refused to carry that child.... or chosen to end her pregnancy.... she would have been taking the life of Jesus Christ.

So you see.... your body does NOT belong to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or anyone else.  Your body belongs to your Creator.... and if you let Him use it to create..... I promise you..... you will be blessed more than you can ever imagine.  
Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


12/10/2016 1:06am

Such a good message they had given regarding to show the respect of women in our culture, as in the past days they are serving themselves just for the sake of these politician whom couldn't even know them.

01/30/2017 12:11am

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