At some point in everyone' life, they will more than likely be both; on the receiving end and giving end of a broken promise.  

The significance of these broken promises can range from mild disappointment to heartbreaking pain

Perhaps when you were younger, you recall and adult promising to take you somewhere, or buy you something and for whatever reason, they were not able to follow through.  That in itself can be hurtful.  But then, there are the life altering and heart wrenching broken promises that actually have the power to change who we are.  

Those broken promises may be; a parent that never showed up at an important day in your life.  A parent or loved one  that promised that would be the LAST drink, the LAST fit or rage or the LAST time they would ever lay a hand on you.  

Those broken promises can fill our heart with such pain and despair that it flows from our heart saturating every area of our body, until it has actually succeeded in changing us a little each time we experience a broken promise. 

By the time we are adults..... the person perhaps we were "created to be" may be significantly altered into a person we don't want to be, as we now struggle with worry, fear, feelings of unworthiness and a default reaction to always expect the worst as the worst happened much of the time.  

You may also find it extremely hard to trust anyone, assuming they will fail at following through with their promise, just as others have in the past.  

This can cause significant issues in relationships as trust is one of the foundational pieces of any healthy relationship.  Honestly, without trust I do not believe a relationship can ever really flourish.  You can't enjoy the company and companionship of another individual if at the same time you are questioning their intentions, motives and actions.  The lack of trust will override any good that they do. And even if they ARE being honest, you have no way of truly knowing this, so it is rare that you get to experience any true peace in that relationship.

Sometimes.... this lack of trust is warranted..... sometimes.... it is our own insecurities and past experiences that we are allowing to taint our current relationships.  

I will tell you one of the most devastating relationships to experience a lack of trust...... and that is with your relationship with God.

Unfortunately, if you are one that lacks trust in individuals, this WILL more than likely follow you in your relationship with God.

I recall clearly a time I spoke with my cousin on the phone after I had given my life to Christ.  He was my mentor and someone I trusted, appreciated and respected greatly. I was sharing with him how I felt my prayers were pointless.  I would try to engage in prayer with God and honestly felt as though I was talking to the air.  It was very frustrating as I knew I was having some kind of struggle receiving God's grace and building a personal relationship with him. 

My cousin was well aware of many of the issues I had growing up and how due to some very painful life circumstances, I had significant trust issues I was not even aware of.  I remember him saying... 

"Missy, I can almost hear the demon sitting over your shoulder while you are praying, whispering in your ear.... that your prayers are pointless, God can't hear you, He doesn't care, He won't answer that prayer.  Satan is playing on and using your trust issues to keep you from what God has for you"

Those words had a profound impact on me as I became aware that there was a reason for my struggle and it gave me hope that is could eventually get better. 

And... it did.  I began changing my prayers asking God to deliver me from my lack of trust in Him.  Help me to believe He will do what He says He will do.  I wanted to experience the amazing feeling of having ONE person in my life that I could trust explicitly, 100% of the time, without fail or question.  

How awesome would that be?????

If you are finding it difficult to connect with God and you find yourself continuously weary and hopeless even though you are praying.... it is very likely lack of trust is playing a major role in this scenario.  

Depending on your past issues, learning to trust God may be extremely difficult as it will require letting go of past baggage and painful issues.  And that may take time, effort and even help.  

I still struggle with trusting God, more often than I care to.  This lack of trust will steal many amazing blessing from your relationship with God.  He wants for you to fully trust Him because He has definitely proven His trustworthiness to the world.  

We must also understand God's ways are not like our ways.  A lack of trust in Him can also stem from a misunderstanding of His character and how He operates.  Often, we are under the impression that He is a "genie in a bottle" ready to grant our every wish and desire.  

Make no mistake, He is the Great Provider, however, His actions always have purpose, therefore, just because we ask, does not mean we shall always receive what we are asking for.  

Stayed tuned for a future post as I explore the promises of God with you.  I will lay out for you, all of the promises God makes to us in the Bible and how believing these promises can bring enormous peace into your life.

It gives you the ability to be standing in the midst of a hurricane and barely be shaken.... as you cling to the faithful promises of God. 

I need reminded of these promises just as much as you all, if not more, as the experiences of the last few years of my life.... have often left me with a weary and worried heart. 

I will make these promises a free printable so you can hang them on your fridge or wherever you can see them often!!!

If I can't believe and trust in my God's promises... my relationship with Him will be stuck.  Please join me... as we learn the blessings that come from complete trust. 

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


12/10/2016 8:59am

The truth is that everyone is receiving the God's blessings. The problem is that we are not thanks giving for those blessings to God, as we all know that human nature is so greedy and selfish.

03/06/2017 6:17am

Believed in God, no matter what it is. If your prayers was not answered, keep on believing and keep on praying. There is a reason why He declined your request, and He want's the best for you. God is always in your heart and will listen to every word you say. I want to share a scripture from the bible "blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that will never fade away."


We should not let our mind think negative thoughts about the GOD, as He is always watching us and blessing us in the ways that we just can't imagine.


We should not be disappointed by not receiving the blessings of the GOD, as he is listening and watching us. We just have to follow His path, rest of the thing should be left on GOD.


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