There is a thief on the loose!

Make no mistake about it.  If he has not come after you already, he WILL!!  

He isn't really after your money or personal possessions, though he will help himself to those if it accomplishes his purpose, he is after much, much more...... your heart and your soul.  

He will not stop until he has achieved your demise and he is sneaky, crafty and chameleon like.  

He will disguise himself as everything you ever thought you wanted in order to get you to believe his lies.  He will lure you in with what appears to be what is good  and right and proceed to lead you straight to the depths of hell. 

Then, he will laugh and mock you as your heart and soul burn to ashes.  

He will cause you to waste precious, precious years of your life, pouring every bit of your physical and emotional resources into a LIE!  He will steal your joy, your contentment, your character and your integrity.  

He will use and abuse you.  Once you have accomplished his evil will, he will drop you like a bad habit and have you laying in a corner, weeping and alone. 

He was an angel.  Yes, at one point and time, he was living among beauty and peace.  UNTIL, he decided HE wanted to play God.  He wanted the power only one God will ever attain or have.  

God threw him out of the gates of heaven and now... he roams the earth... looking for you.  His goal.... to make you.... want to be like God.  

And if you look around... he is succeeding. 

Only God alone...knows the future!  Only God knows what the final puzzle will look like after all the pieces are in the proper place.  We as earthly humans... HAVE NO IDEA!  

BUT SATAN... YES... THE THIEF.... he will give convince you... you can predict the future.  He will place catastrophic thinking in your brain and project the worst, scariest and most devastating scenarios he can concoct.  

He will crush your hope.  He will watch you shake and tremble with fear.... that is pointless.  

I can never be Satan's victim.... I have to be a willing participant to give him power.  

He will encourage you to do evil and dark things, convincing you it is the only way to achieve your desires and then he will turn around and condemn you for the exact thing he tempted you to do.  

He wants you to live with a lifetime of painful regrets that you will surely have if you listen to his evil voice.  

He is the father of depression, anxiety and fear.  He lives to taunt you, especially if you have a heart at all for your Creator.  

He. Hates.God.


I am sadly watching Satan at work in this country like I am not sure I have ever seen him before. 

He is stealing precious time and energy from unknowing individuals.  He is placing their focus on a "projected catastrophe" that may and more than likely will never come to pass.  They are placing their hope in man, rather than the living God.  

Don't let Satan steal your precious life right from under your nose.  

Satan steals.
God gives.
Satan kills.
God lives.
Who will you walk with today?

It is your choice.  

You have free will.

It is a gift.... please use it as such. 

I am praying for a sweep of God's peace like never before.  For rest for weary hearts.  For Satan to be crushed under the foot of man, as God has given us the ability to do.  

Today.... may you LIVE!!!!!  Love and treasure the life God has given you.... He will take care of the rest!!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 



I totally agree with your all the things you said in this posts. There are both good and bad things revolving around us and it depends on us that what we choose among them. The dark side always attracts first but we have to be strong enough to know the differences between the two things.


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