AND THE WINNER IS.... Laura Johnson-Palmores!!!!!  Congratulations Laura!!!  I will be in touch to get your goodie basket mailed to you!

Thank you all... for participating!  But... like I said... there will be more goodies to come!  I  have a million ideas for this time of year!!


*I am thankful for redemption and restoration. The beauty from ashes than can only be found in Christ. 

*I am thankful for you.

*I am thankful for my arms and legs that work, so I can serve others as God has called. 
*I am so very thankful for my health and wellness as it can be so difficult to function when your body is ill or weak.

*I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to serve others through technology and to build relationships that otherwise, I may never had the opportunity to do.  

Good morning friends!  These are just a FEW of the things my heart overflows with gratefulness for.  It is so very easy to take even the big blessings in life... for granted.  I am so very, very THANKFUL, that God has shown me how precious not just life is.... but how precious our ability to live the life we desire.  

I can tell you, though I struggle with thankfulness in many areas of my life, one area I NEVER, EVER take for granted, is my health and functioning body.  

Each morning, when I awake healthy and able to conquer the day with energy (for the most part) and a fully functioning body, I am incredibly grateful.  

I have four beautiful children, a husband and a home to care for, among other things and I need my fully functional body, mind and spirit to accomplish all God lays before me.  

Though I know even if God were to take my health, physical or otherwise, He would still have great purpose for me, there is a precious freedom that comes with a healthy body.  

I know I could probably take much better care of my body, however, I do make sure I am doing things to nurture my body, my mind and my spirit every day.  Here are a few things God has lead me to do..... to keep myself going.

*TIME WITH HIM.... everyday.  This is number one.  I need this for a renewed spirit and mind.

*Exercise at least 4 times a week.  I run about 1 mile 4 times a week.  That's it.  I can't make time for an intense workout that takes huge chunks of time, but I can squeeze in a 20 minute run easily.  Setting your goals too high, sets you up for failure.  This has worked for me and it keeps my body and mind healthy!!!  

*Take vitamins and make sure I eat some fruits and veggies, daily!  I take Magnesium, B complex and at times, an iron supplement as I tend to struggle with low iron.  

*I talk.  Yes, talk.  LOL  I know... surprising right?  But seriously, if I have something weighing on my heart.... I have learned to never keep it in to grow and fester.  I call a trusted friend or family member and talk it through.  I try to always make sure it will be a person that will listen and understand, but always lead me back to God's truth and commands.  I  may have a right to feel the way I feel, but I do not always have the right to act the way I want to act and often, I need that accountability.  

* I surround myself with as much peace and tranquility as humanly possible with four children and a busy life.  I listen to quiet music during the day and YES as of November 1st, Christmas tunes are a fair game at my house!  I like low lighting, candles, and coziness.  It calms my heart and a calm heart, creates a calm body, which in turn maintains a healthy one.  

So... these are just a few of my top priorities with keeping my body, mind and spirit healthy. I am only given ONE body and God has given me purpose while I am here.  I want to be able to serve and love with all the energy I can possibly have!!

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for my readers and all their encouraging comments!  I pray I am able to touch your soul through God.... as you have touched mine!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


Congratulations Laura Johnson-Palmores! I hoped you enjoyed you goodie basket. I, personally, was an optismistic person. I am happy about the way on how I always look things in their positive side. I'm very thankful that I am blessed and surrounded by good people, great friend and supportive family. Thank you Dear God, for guiding me, and for always being here with me through thick and thin. This is very inspirational.


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