Thankfulness, gratitude, contentment and joy.  They are all wrapped up in one beautiful bundle!

We are entering the holiday season.... when are our hearts often naturally want to drift one of two ways.... to great thankfulness and joy for such a warm and special time of year OR to discouragement, dread and sadness if this time of year has become a season of pain instead.  

Perhaps you have lost a loved one.  Perhaps you family relationships are strained.  Perhaps the hustle and bustle and endless amounts of financial resources needed, stress you out.  Perhaps you don't have a lot of family and you often feel lonely.  

Whatever your heart may be feeling.... there is one sure fire solution to it ALL!  Yes, of course God, but it goes much deeper than that.  Thankfulness and Gratitude. 

For some of us this comes very naturally.  Perhaps that is environment in which we were raised.  Perhaps we are just a naturally optimistic and happy person.  Perhaps, you were not always a thankful person, but God orchestrated happenings in your life in such a manner that it trained your heart.... to find blessings... in each and every day.  

THAT... is ME!  Yes, I have always tried to be a thankful person.  And sure, when life is grand, it comes very easily, however, when adversity hits, it often takes our thankful hearts along with it.  

For whatever reason, a lot of us, myself included, are under the impression that we are in a way, "entitled" to a struggle and pain free life.  This becomes even more of a focus when we compare our lives to other's lives, that by outward standards, appear to have it easier or better than us.  

We look at our lot in life as "unfair," therefore, cultivating a heart of frustration and anger rather than thankfulness and gratitude.  

I can tell you from very personal experience that the only way I have survived many painful days that have come my way.... are through God and my belief in His goodness no matter how ugly the situation may look at that moment.  

Thankfulness is your free ride to joy!  

I know, I know, I know... what may are asking.  How do you train your heart to be thankful when life continues to hand you one bad or negative thing after another?  How do you find thankfulness in a painful and seemingly hopeless situation?

I will be the FIRST to admit... It is NOT easy!!!!  And... some days... I still fail miserably.  HOWEVER, my rebound time has become much, much shorter!  My heart may be lead to bitterness.... but my God..... addresses it immediately!!  It may take my time to listen and submit... but I hear Him loud and clear!

God has prompted me to begin a new series for the month of November..... "How to Train a Thankful Heart."

Make no mistake friends... I will be learning right along with you.  I still have issues that pop up constantly that attempt to rip me of joy and thankfulness.  It can be a daily battle!  BUT... a battle very much worth... fighting!!!
So... to kick off our "Training Season" I have another great giveaway!  Above is a basket full of goodies that will go to one lucky winner, though it wish it could be all of you!

The basket contains things that will help you on your journey to thankfulness; 

*An adorable photo that focuses on one very important step.... Giving and THINKING OF OTHERS. We will learn the joy and peace it brings to our hearts to take the focus off ourselves and place it on helping others!  
*A hand towel that will remind us to be thankful!
*A beautiful coffee mug filled with cocoa and tea... to remind us to take time to slow down and focus our heart on God.  The ONE who deserves our praise!

* A package of Thank You notes that will encourage you to spread thankfulness to others!!!

*A gratitude journal!  I will will write a personal note in for the winner and write several scriptures on thankfulness throughout the journal to continue your heart training!  Each day, you will be able to write the smallest of blessing in your journal!

*Some fun pens

*And of course.... an adorable jar of CHOCOLATE for those days... thankfulness is not coming easy!!!

So... if you would like to be the lucky winner of this basket.... simply leave a comment or like to post and you will be in the drawing!  I will be drawing the winner this Friday, November 4th!!!  

Please join me on this journey.... to thankfulness.... you will not regret it!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend



Gisele Chapman
11/01/2016 6:12am

So much truth in these great words! We all have so much to have a thankful heart. Thankful today for a good, good father!

01/31/2017 5:17pm

We have this game that we played before, it's called good backstabbing. You only need a pen, paper, and adhesive tapes for the game. The mechanics of the game is that the paper needs to be at everyone's back, and then each one of you will write something positive about that person. At the end of the game, they have to read, in front of everybody, what's written on the paper. It's really fun! And it feels nice to read something genuine from your friends and/or family that they're not saying to you everyday. You should try this game! Anyway, I really loved your blog and I looking forward for more of your posts. Thank you so much!

Nicole Krajnovich
11/01/2016 1:13pm

A lot of truth in what you wrote. I look forward to your November posts!

11/07/2016 5:52pm

Beautiful items.


We are spend our time with different ways and some peoples are very creative. The author of this page is tell us the story of heart and we should keep our heart clean for mistakes of peoples. This page is very nice and we can give the card for are our fiends and family happy.


I'm trying to be thankful too! All the time! We all need to be more kind and thankful!


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