Your heart..... is one of your most fragile organs.  God made sure it was protected as he surrounded it by a cage of ribs.  If your heart is damaged in any way, shape or form, it can have grave consequences and ultimately result in your death. 

Every time your heart beats.... it pumps blood throughout your body.  Life giving, life sustaining blood.  If that beating ceases..... if that blood cannot flow..... your life will end. 

Your heart.... is WHO you are. You cannot survive without it and if it is damaged..... it takes specialized assistance and a truck load of TLC to heal the damage.  

In my mind.... I can easily parallel this with a broken heart. Experiencing that pain in your heart.... the heart that  was meant to be handled gently, with tender love and care..... can be excruciating and unbearable.  

When your heart..... the heart of who you are.... is damaged through; acts or words of another person, a tragedy or loss, the pain that is experienced can bring you to a plea for death, simply to escape the pain.  

There you sit.... holding a damaged heart in your hand..... the pain staring you in the face.... and you are completely at a loss on how to bring life back to this seemingly dead and lifeless organ.  

I have been there.  I have held and stared at a damaged heart laying lifelessly in my hands more times than I care to remember.  Though it may continue to beat.... every time it does.... it stings.  It feels as though rather than pumping life saving blood through my veins.... it is pumping pain and anguish throughout my entire body... with every dreaded beat. 

I have cried out to God.... to stop the beating.  Not because I wanted to die..... but because I wanted the pain to cease.  

I don't believe there will be anyone reading this today, that has not experienced a broken heart on some level.  Your broken heart may have left you welcoming even death to escape that pain or perhaps it was a lighter level of pain, that still hurt beyond tolerance. 

Either way.... you were brought to the often, unwelcome realization, that your heart was meant to be nurtured and cared for.  Cherished as the precious organ that it is.  That without it, you cease to have life.... therefore.... you cannot give life to others.  

If you have been to this painful place..... or if you are ever brought there..... please.... hear this message and bury deep within your heart.

"but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect." 1 Peter 1:19

His blood, that ran from his beaten, battered and crucified body.... ran to give you life and life abundant.  Jesus did NOT die that horrific death.... so you could live in pain and anguish.  His blood.... gives more than just life.... it gives....a life worth living. 

I cannot tell you how allowing Christ's blood to pump through my veins rather than my own .... how many ways... this has saved my life.

When my heart has been damaged.... and I feel I can take no more..... rather than every beat reminding me of the pain..... every beat.... reminds me of the hope and promise of my God.  Every beat.... slowly brings healing.  Though each beat may still sting..... with each precious beat.... that life giving blood pumps through my veins to bring healing.  

God reminds me.... 
"Yes Missy, you have pain right now, but remember this my precious daughter.... You also have me.... and I am BIGGER, STRONGER and VICTORIOUS over any pain life may bring you"

If I believe this in my heart.  If I meditate on this very statement with every.single.beat.of. my.heart. 

Suddenly... the pain... though still excruciating.... becomes bearable.  I can see a light....however distant. I can see a purpose.... however painful the road is to get there.  

Suddenly.... I can rest in my pain.  Knowing where my God brings pain.... He is already there.... holding my heart.... and beginning to heal.  

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


11/14/2016 6:56pm

Thank you for sharing this post to us. I agree with you. The heart is the giver of life in everybody. It doesn't only pump blood, but it pumps life. We must take care of our heart by eating healthy foods and doing cardiovascular exercise. To live a long life, we must take care of ourselves in all aspects.

12/05/2016 12:15am


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