Thank you. 

If you are reading this..... I thank you.... from the bottom of my heart. 

I pray my readers understand that they have as much value in my blog.... as I , the writer do. 

God uses each of you to encourage me and to give me the motivation to grab my laptop and keep going.  

I wish I could tell you how many times Satan places strife in my heart regarding this blog.  He speaks a plethora of lies into my mind.... pursuing me with feelings of worthlessness as he will do to anyone who dares to do something for Christ.  

I have LOVED to write since I was a very little girl.  I would sit and write stories and poetry as a leisure activity.  I always found it very easy to express myself with words.  I felt this feeling of release as I wrote those words on paper.  

I wish I had a portfolio of all my writings from grade school until present.  Nearly every year of grade school I was chosen to attend the Young Writers Conference held at a college campus in a town close to where I lived.  And the funny thing is, I never ever remember even trying to get chosen.  I simply just wrote.  

I do not tell you this in prideful sense.  I tell you this so you have a clear understanding that God gave me this passion from a very young age.  As I have always pressed upon my readers.... God gives us gift, talents and passions to use for His glory.  Never to be wasted. 

I certainly know I am a far cry from the best writer in the world and there are a million blogs out there run my others with a greater gift than myself, however, God never intended us to use our gifts as a competition..... simply as a gift of service to Him and others.  

I have to pray over this continually, as that is a definite area Satan enjoys striking.  Making me fully aware that there are bigger and better blogs and I am wasting my time.  He likes me to base my success on  the number of readers, likes and comments I have, rather than the peace and joy of serving my very worthy God. 

 He likes me to feel defeated, rather than focused on the fact that the words God gives me to share may impact only one life.... but that life may go on to impact 500 others.  

We are not always privy to what are service to God accomplishes as God does not desire for us to make our service about us.... but always about Him and growing His kingdom.  

I write..... for God.  I pray He gives me words to share each day.  I pray for my readers.  I pray for my heart and motives to be pure and I pray God gives me the mighty honor to be used to help bring His presence into another person's life.  

That... is the gift I receive for writing this blog.  Every day... I feel I have purpose  because God has made is assignment clear.  

God uses my quiet moments with Him as a tool to bring His word to others they may not receive it any other way.  I am completely humbled and honored by this and I need my readers to know.... it is a privilege I do not take lightly.  

So please.... accept my sincere gratitude for your loyalty and interest in what God uses me to share.  You are so very much appreciated..... more than you will ever know.  

I pray... that if ever my blog speaks to you in a mighty way and you know someone else that could benefit from a specific message.... to please share that post with others.  

God desires to reach every soul in need and if I can be used to accomplish that in some way.... it would be a true blessing. 

May God bless you... always.  

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


12/29/2016 12:01pm

nice post

12/30/2016 11:37am

Write a book is not easy because peoples has my ideas and choices. So writers should be care about the books and this author of books is very happy. Because he get many positive comments and suggestions.


Yeah this might be the single, most motivating factor behind writing something but I usually write so that I could myself keep everything private, all to myself.


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