I know the day is probably coming that my views, words or opinions strike a negative cord with someone who feels lead to let me know that it did so.  

I am somewhat prepared for this, although as crazy as this may sound to some, I really do not like confrontation.  God has called me to address things at times, that I literally pray as I press post and so far, that has worked out for me.  I am aware, one day is may not.  

I was in curling my hair in the bathroom when God gave me this message.  I told Him I would post it next week.  He told me... "no, you will post it now."

I bargained a little more, but as usual, He won!  So here it is.

Ladies, women... I love you..... you are my sisters... even if you don't desire to be.... but.... I have to be totally honest..... and please note that I am fully aware that what I am about to share does not apply to all women... however.... it applies to quite a bit of the population anymore.... and I have to say....

Women have fought for women's rights for a very long time.  The feminist movement began a major shift in women's roles and identity.  I am not going to sit here and say that there have never been legitimate concerns regarding women's rights.  I believe there was a time in history that women were definitely oppressed, however, I believe this has been taken to dramatic lengths that I, as a woman, am frankly, tired of.

Ladies.... I as a woman has felt more oppressed by other women... than I EVER have my a man. That is the honest to petes truth!

Women have been in the battle of fighting for equality and notoriety way too long. They are never content with what "is" and are on this continual and endless pursuit to find some kind of contentment as a woman by trying to squeeze themselves into every single role their ever was in this world.  

Yes, women can do just about anything a man can do. Everyone gets that.  But all women are succeeding in to doing is driving other women into the belief that they will never be good enough, when in reality, they always have been good enough.  

They were made in the image of the perfect God with great and beautiful purpose.  A woman's body can grow another human being from a microscopic egg, deliver that human through excruciating pain, while her body stretches beyond belief and then goes back to the way it started.  That woman can then feed that baby every possible nutrient it could ever need from her own body!!  

I say that is pretty darn amazing!!!!  My personal belief.... far more amazing than anything I have seen a man do!  Yet.... that is not enough!

Women are known to be much better multi taskers as well as home managers and peace makers.  They fill this world with grace and beauty (if they choose to) and decorate the scenery so it is a joy to look at.  

I am personally tired of feeling like just being a woman... is not good enough.  You must be more.  You must be the BEST.  You must do BIG things.  You must outshow MEN!  You must show  men we can do it ALL!  

Okay... well, for the most part... I hear a whole lot of women exhausted form "trying to do it all."  So the very thing women are fighting for is the very thing that is killing them.  

I don't understand!  

I feel like this world is trying to blot out all gender differences so we are all ONE sex.  We are forsaking something so incredibly beautiful and wonderful by pushing for this.  

Women are their worst enemies.  They can be caddy.  They are extremely jealous.  They spend most of their life comparing themselves to other women.  They never feel good enough.  They allow others and the world to be the gauge for their self worth.

I have fallen into every single one of these pits at one point in time and it is a very ugly place to be!  

It was not until I EMBRACED who I am as a woman and allowed God to be the gauge of my worth that I actually began to find joy, purpose and fulfillment in my life.  

Climbing to the top means absolutely nothing to me if once I get there I have crushed the beauty of being a woman.  

This society of women are teaching young girls far worse things than immodest dress and seductive dancing.... it is teaching them... they are not good enough.  They are teaching them their purpose in life is to keep reaching for endless worldly goals... that once they achieve... will only send them pursuing more.  And at the end of their life.... they may have a shelf of rewards or money in the bank.... but they will never ever have learned what it means to LOVE themselves for who God made them. They will learn to only love their productivity and achievements. 

I will have nothing to do with that.  And I surely won't allow my girls to be any part of it either.  

Yes, I am JUST a stay at home mom. I cook, I clean, I make my husband dinner.  I teach my children and I try to love my husband to the best of my ability.  I plan meals, I grocery shop, I cut coupons, I paint my nails sometimes, I love to shop and I consider being able to whip up some homemade cinnamon rolls in a jiffy a great quality! 

And if this is all God ever calls me to do..... That is 100%, totally and wonderfully okay with me!  

Women.... you are only as oppressed as you allow yourself to be.  I would love to see the day women hold their heads high, not because they achieved the presidency, but simply because... THEY ARE A WOMAN AND WOMEN ROCK!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 



01/20/2017 9:54pm

I believe that there are times women tend to be too much when it comes to fighting for their rights. I'm a woman too and I'm not generalizing but there are women who are like this. Yes it's true that during the medieval period, women are treated like slaves or someone who's not capable of leading unlike men. But things are different now, women can also do what men can do. What I don't like when women are fighting for equality, they keep on lowering themselves trying to be the one to be pitied for which is not a good image of a woman. So stop oppressing yourself to bring up yourself, it's not worth it.

03/10/2017 8:55pm

Women are hardworking people. By being a mother, you can see how diligent they are as a woman. Women are the strongest people in this world. They always take care of everything because they value these things. They will do anything for their love ones. Women should not be underestimated because they can do what men can do.


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