Not too long ago, I was talking with Garrick about setting goals.  I have learned sooo much about goal setting from one of my favorite blogs.... Money Saving Mom.  Often, the mistake many make with goal setting is setting a goal that is achievable, but lacks the planning and strategy to be achieved.  If you do this, you will find yourself feeling defeated and frustrated.  

Garrick informed me, that is why he does not set goals.  He winds up feeling like a failure when he does not achieve them. I told him that is because he lacks planning and strategy and perhaps, he chooses goals that are a little unrealistic.  

The past few years have not been, what I would call, joyful years.  Though God allowed us to feel joy, even through the struggles and pain, overall, these years were full of trials and pain.  Don't get me wrong, God had purpose for that pain and I learned so much walking through the valleys. I learned how strong I can be with God as my foundation, I learned the power of forgiveness, I learned the value of strong Christian friendships and most importantly; I learned there is not one person or relationship too far gone that God's restoration cannot touch it!  

I can now use this to encourage others walking through the valley!  And I find it an honor and privilege to do so!!  

BUT; with that being said, I am still very excited to venture into a new year anticipating something very different!  I am going to share with you my goals for 2017, NOT RESOLUTIONS, my goals.  I will also share with you how I break them down into different categories that are priority in my life and how I then have learned to break those down into bite size pieces, as I have learned from Crystal, at the Money Saving Mom.  I want to make them achievable and enjoyable!!  SO here goes!


*Grow in trust and my ability to "be still."
-Here are my bite size pieces that will help me achieve this goal!
  • Continue my morning reading/prayer/blogging time.
  • Read a daily Psalm and Proverb
  • Spend AT LEAST 5 minutes a day in quiet,intentional and uninterrupted prayer. 
  • Read AT LEAST 2 inspiring books ( I have yet to select these)
  • Seek others in need and assist them.


*Continue working toward restoration and letting go of past hurt and fears.
Here are my bite size pieces to achieve this goal!

  • Continue to pray for my marriage and husband, daily.
  • Have at least one date night per month (AWAY FROM THE HOUSE! LOL)
  • Continue our yearly get aways, at least 2.
  • Pray together at least 4 times per week (I am pushing for daily, but that goal has been harder to achieve)
  • Spend at least 5-10 minutes each evening talking about our needs as well as our achievements. 
  • Possibly read an inspiring book on marriage together.
  • Continue our Sunday night marriage devotion.


    -Keep my body healthy and strong (as possible LOL)
    -Here are my bite size pieces!

    • Run or exercise at least 4 times per week.
    • Continue to take my vitamins daily.
    • Eat AT LEAST 4 fruits/ veggies daily. ( I have gotten bad about this!)
    • Continue eating dark chocolate!! LOL


    *Pay off Camden's braces and begin paying on Addy's.
    *Save money each week for our getaway fund as well as for Christmas 2017!
    *Increase church giving.
    -Here are my bite size pieces!

    • Continue the cash envelope system, which has been working awesome!!!
    • Use any extra money to put toward braces until they are paid off.
    • Put $25 per month in getaway savings as well as Christmas.  
    • Use tax return to pay off debt and also save.
    • Increase giving at least $10 per week.


    *Find joy in each day and live with intention.
    -Here are my bite size pieces!

    • Continue my time with the Lord.
    • Write AT LEAST 2 things a day I am thankful for in my journal!
    • Stop feeling guilty for taking time for myself and do something peaceful or enjoyable at least 15 minutes a day. (watch an episode of Lucy, read, start a fun project, write a letter. etc)
    • Do something fun for myself at least once a month (manicure/pedicure, shopping by myself, coffee and bible at Smoky Row, whatever I want!)
    • Seek ways to help and serve others.

    *Be an intentional parent!
    -Here are my bite size pieces!

    • Spend  intentional one on one time with each child at least 1 time per month. 
    • Pray daily for each child during my prayer time.
    • Laugh more with my kids!

    So... there you have it!  These are my goals for 2017!!!  What goals will you be setting?? I would love to hear!!

    Peace and Blessings
    Your Friend



    01/23/2017 10:23pm

    good post!

    01/24/2017 7:29pm

    Wow! I bet you are a very organized person. I loved how you set your goals in life. This is very futuristic and prepared of you. Through perseverance and hard work, you will definitely achieve your goals. Good luck to you!


    Just like what you said it makes me feel a failure when I set goals and end up not achieving them and it leaves me feeling frustrated and bothered. One of my professors asked the class to share their goals and after that he questioned us on how we will be able to achieve it if we do not have plans on how to complete it. I then change my way of setting goals I now write down the activities I should do In order to achieve my goal. My professor also told us the importance of God in everything we do and that God has a purpose for the challenges that we encounter. I always thank God for the blessings and the challenges He gave me, for it made me grow as a person.


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