Oh, to be content..... each day of my life.  If even for just one day. To feel the amazing feeling of complete comfort and peace, surrounding each curve of my being.  To embrace the evening with the same enthusiasm I embraced the sunrise.... would be precious.

It is very easy to experience contentment in my life, I would say for short increments of time.  Sipping a warm cup of coffee in the glow of nothing but Christmas tree lights, while praying to my Father... is contentment.  Soaking in a warm bubble bath, with my eyes closed and my heart open to God's voice... is contentment.  To lay in the warmth of my flannel sheets..... and drift off to a peaceful sleep.... is contentment. To hold my child in my arms while reading the same torn and stained book I have read a zillion times before....... is contentment.

Where does all this contentment go?  As the sunrises on my coffee and tree lights.... I let is slip away.  As I empty the bathtub after my time of peace..... I let it slip away.  As the alarm rings and I have to leave my warm cozy bed....... I let it slip away. As my child rises..... and the sweetness in their eyes.... begins to disappear..... I let is slip away.

There is a common thread in all of these scenarios.... "I".... "I" let is slip away.  It is so much easier to feel contentment.... when my life is what I "think" it should be.  The precious greeting card moments are priceless but fleeting.  Real life.... is what is real.  The secret to true happiness.... is finding contentment with the sticky peanut butter, temper tantrums, piles of laundry and cold evenings.

"I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the                                              circumstances." Philippians 4:11

Even as I type this.... I wrestle with discontentment.... with uninvited emotions and mental battles that want to trump joy and I often let them.  Our circumstances may never change.  God willing.... if they are difficult..... God may deliver us..... but His timing is not our timing.  

The longer you base your level of contentment on the circumstances surrounding you.... the longer you choose to live in misery, turmoil and discontentment.  No one ever taught me how to joyful and content.... even during hard times, sad times, loud times or painful times. For most of my life.. I never knew that was an option.  Until I had my encounter with my Father. 

He taught me that even while beaten beyond comprehension, with their limbs nailed to a cross.... an individuals heart can still be loving, tender and forgiving.  Contentment is as easy to grab as bitterness..... but our selfish nature does not want to fight for contentment..... self pity.... is the easy road. 

I challenge you today.... to find contentment.  For me... this is the reward.... at the end of the race.  A peaceful and happy heart.... that is unwavering.... able to stand against the most violent storm and come through it.... all the more content.

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 


Contentment. Yes, this is one very important thing that we should have. Like me, I know that I am so blessed with God;s love, grace and care because I experience these through my loved ones, my family, my mom and dad, my siblings and also through other people. The moment that we count all our blessings, we then know and realize how beautiful life is and that we should always be thankful and happy of what we all have.


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