Last night, I was in the kitchen whipping up some fudge, listening to nostalgic Christmas music.  Of course, I began thinking of my grandparents and all of my wonderful Christmas memories.  Some days, I truly would give anything to go back in time.  

It prompted me to make a post on facebook asking others to share their favorite childhood Christmas memories.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing about precious family traditions and somehow, when people share these memories, the true meaning of Christmas come out!

As I was reading though the wonderful comments, one thing stuck out at me, as it always does when people share their treasured memories.... NOT ONE OF THEM had anything to do with expensive gifts or self indulgence.  Every single memory revolved around family, traditions, laughter and priceless homemade gifts given to them by cherished family members.  
To this day, one of my very favorite Christmas gifts remains a homemade gift given to me by my grandparents.  That year, all I wanted was this strawberry shortcake dressing table I found in the fat old JC Penny magazine.  It is all I thought about.  I was a girly little girl and loved that thought of having my own little dressing table.  

On Christmas, my older sister and I were asked to leave the room for a few minutes while opening gifts.  I sat in my room so excited at what I was about to see!  I was SURE it was my strawberry shortcake dressing table!!  

When I walked back out in the family room, I couldn't have been more happy that I was wrong!  It was a homemade dressing table, made by my poppy!  It was cream, had three mirrors, two cabinets that opened, working lights with a little switch and was dressed with old ribbon and cream lace.  

I could not have wished for a better gift!!!  I never gave that stawberry shortcake table another thought!  

CHRISTmas is all about heart.  If the heart of CHRISTmas is removed, it become meaningless.  Every memory people share has to do with heart touching moments and gifts.  The sacrifice and love of those around us and the time others took to think outside themselves and bless another person.

We all know why we celebrate Christmas..... Jesus's birth, however, it is so much more than that.  It is a recognition that placing others needs and desires above our own brings much joy and many treasured memories.  

This is why is breaks my heart when I see so many stressed out at Christmas time..... perhaps... they removed the heart from Christmas.  

Believe me when I say.... I want not one person to STRESS about getting me a gift....... it means more to me that others hearts find joy this time of year, than for me to have one gift to unwrap.  

My Poppy found SOOOm uch joy giving to others.  He spent his entire life doing nothing but giving of himself in some way, shape or form.  I will never forget the look on his face when he would see the joy on ours as we opened a gift or tried on a new outfit he and grandma had bought for us.  

That was Christmas to him.  That is the heart of Christmas.  

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 


12/21/2016 10:27pm

All I want for Christmas is for us family to gather and celebrate it together. I miss them so much. But it seems like this year's going to be different because I'm on the other side of the world and they too are busy in their own works. So on Christmas, I'll be staying with my laptop doing Skype with them because that's the only way I can see them and talk to them. How I wish I could fly so I can be with them on my most favorite time of the year.

02/09/2017 9:14pm

I think that my favorite Christmas memory is when my family visits my relatives for some catch ups. Christmas is very special for me as well as for my life. We consider it as one of the best celebrations aside from our won birthdays. I must say that Christmas makes me feel really warm and calm. It makes me feel peace and joy as well. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this information about Christmas.


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