I have been very lazy at posting over the past week and for that I apologize!! Every year we travel to the Chicago area for Christmas to be with my side of the family.  My mom and her hubby as well as my sisters and their families all live in the same area.  It is a yearly tradition my kids have come to love and anticipate all year!  

It is a few wonderful days full of belly laughs, excessive food intake and family traditions we all cherish.  During the time away I was able to see my cousin's new baby girl born on December 21st. We got to visit them downtown Chicago and though I risked both life and limb driving down there with my older sister behind the wheel (BAHAAAA) it was well worth it! She is precious beyond words and her name was inspired by our beloved Poppy.

I was also able to see my grandma, whom I only get to see twice a year if that.  She is not really with it mentally and you could tell her the queen of England was coming to visit and she would get excited and forget about it the next minute, but getting to see her is always wonderful! It often leaves me teary eyed as I ponder my grandparents wonderful life together and I see how 60 years of marriage ends, grandma in a nursing home alone, often forgetting she was even married.  It is a reminder to remember to cherish life as it literally flies by in the blink of an eye. 
One of the other MAJOR highlights of the trip was finally receiving the affections of my sister's peekapoo, Bruce!  I have been seeking and longing for a special connection with this dang dog for four years and he always shuns me!  He will jump up on almost everyone else's laps, while leaving me lonely and begging for his affections.  He could be a real jerk!! LOL  BUT, for whatever reason, this year, all I had to do was call his name and he came running and jumping onto my lap accepting and almost begging for my love!!!   


You can see why I'm so smitten!  He is quite the hunk a chunk of burning love!!!! Those teeth really get me!!! LOL

I was truly blessed as I received EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING on my list!!!!  Even things I did not ask for!  My husband and family blessed me greatly this year, as they do every year!!!  I got my warm, cozy jammies, some adorable fluffy pink slippers, my Philosophy lotion and bubble bath, my sweatshirt and much, much more!!!  

Even with all of these wonderful blessings God had one even greater in store for me!  I had prayed and prayed for this one!  I had massive anxiety over not receiving this gift and it almost drove me to dread Christmas!

You see, last year and several Christmas's prior ended with much stress and damage due to Garrick's struggle with addiction and my actions to it.  They were devastating episodes for all involved and really began marking our Christmas with a very dark and dreaded tradition.  

I diligently prayed with every bit of myself that God would reverse this.  That He would bless my family with a stress free, peaceful Christmas without damaging episodes of addiction and dysfunction.  I prayed continually for my heart and for my husband's as well.  

My prayers were answered!!  This was the first Christmas n a very long time that there was complete joy and peace.

"Blessed be the Lord!  For he has heard the voice of my pleas for mercy." Psalm 28:6
God continues to lead us down the road of peace and recovery and for that.... I am the most grateful!!  

Restoration is the greatest gift and it is available to all her seek it with all their heart.  You often have to wait very patiently and it requires great forgiveness and faith, but God is magnificent at it!!  I pray if you are seeking restoration, you never give up on it!  

So, that is where I have been!!  It was a marvelous Christmas and now it is time to focus on the new and upcoming year!  I continue to pray restoration with follow us through 2017 and believe with all my heart, God has marvelous plans in store for us as long as we stay seeking him!!!  

I pray you had a wonderful Christmas!!!  Keep posted for the New Years giveaway!!!  

Come on!! You knew I would have one!! LOL

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


01/02/2017 6:07pm

Thank you for sharing your experiences during Christmas. It's nice to know that you received many blessings and I know that it will continue until 2017. And it also nice to know that you believe in Christmas miracles. I can feel that you are a good person while reading your post and I have no doubt that your wish will come true. Your post inspires me a lot.


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