Okay, okay.... I will be 41 years old in March, but I am not too proud to admit that I do have a grown up Christmas list!!  I love Christmas!  I love giving gifts and I love the little surprises that as adults, we really only get two times a year... Christmas and birthday!

Now, let me start by saying that I do have some non materialistic things on my list.  In fact, those will always trump anything that can be bought in a store, however, the little girl in me still has the twinkle in her eye at a few choice items every year.  

The past few Christmases have been pretty rough around here, I am not going to lie.  Due to the issues that Garrick and I have been battling, recent Christmases have been marked with some tension and stress to say the least.  So, YES... the first thing on my list is a safe, joyful, peaceful Christmas with God in the lead.  My heart cannot take another stressful Christmas, so really and truly, this is numero uno for me!!

BUT... I will share with you today a few little items that I have on my "fun list" this year!

1. North face hoodie- I really didn't know I wanted this until I was scoping out Brads Deals (a great website that gives you the best current deals on all things!) and I saw it listed!  I thought to myself, I do not own a hoodie, I won a lot of fleece zip ups but no hoodies. I am chronically cold in the winter and often sleep with a sweatshirt on!  And, if it is not TOO cold out, I run outside and this would be PERFECT!  Ergo, it made the list.  Now, I hinted around to my spouse a few dozen times, even sending him the photo, but we shall see if there is a box waiting for me to unwrap!

2. Philosophy Lotion and/or Shower gel-  I usually get this every year from my mama and I always look forward to it!  I love bath and body items and Philosophy is a little more costly, therefore, I seldom if ever buy it for myself.  So I look forward to getting it as a special gift!!!

3. Pajamas-  I LOVE pajamas!  Yes, I have way too many!  And yes, it is a tad ridiculous, but I can't help myself, cozy, warm and fun jammies are just my favorite!  You can never go wrong buying me a pair of jammies!  

4. Fun scarves and pieces of jewelry-  My sisters buy me these types of gifts often and I love them!  Last year my older sister bought me this small silver bracelet that says, "one day at a time,"  I am not sure if she knew how fitting this was for me, but it could not have been more perfect.  I love meaningful little gifts like that.  Another year, my younger sister bought me the cutest, most elegant looking scarf.  I get so many compliments on it and I have never seen one like it!  To this day, it remains one of my favorite scarves!

SO THAT'S IT!!! Those are at the top of my list!!!  

I will keep you posted if any of them end up under my tree!!!

Peace and Blessings 
Your Friend 


A lot of people take for granted the simple blessing they have. I am glad that you were able to find joy in the people the surround you. I hope others can be the same. We should not take for granted the small gifts we receive. I believe they are the little miracles of our daily life.thanks for sharing


Thanks for sharing your Christmas wish list. That is so cute. As we grow older, we forget the simple pleasures in life. I personally believe that small things matters. The little joys in life. We must not let maturity take that away from us.


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