I would say, that a vast majority of the population is possibly on a pursuit to significance and self assurance.

What do I need mean by this? 

We live in a world that thrives on flashy recognition.  Aside from the constant bombardment from the media, we also have evolved into a world that gives massive rewards to the woman that has the best body and most beautiful face and the man that gets to grace the cover of People magazines "Most Sexy Man" cover.  

We are a world of shallow reward seeking and sadly, this pursuit has us chasing after vanity, which Solomon warns us in Ecclesiastes, is like chasing after the wind.  

There was a girl named Mary.

Who was Mary?

Most of us are fully aware of who Mary was.  Mary was chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus.  She married Joseph, they traveled to Bethlehem for the census ordered by Ceasar, when they arrived, there was no room for them in the inn.  They chose to stay in a barn for the night, where Mary gave birth to Jesus and wrapped Him in swaddling rags and placed him in a manger.  

There was a briefing, just in case you weren't sure of the story!! LOL

But back to Mary.  I want you to  take a moment to let this post truly sink into your heart.  While you envision in your mind, the woman or celebrity you find yourself comparing yourself to.  While you ponder all of the physical things that you would change about yourself or the goals your hope to achieve.  Really, really meditate on what you are about to read.  

Mary, the woman chosen to be the mother of GOD in flesh... the SAVIOR OF THE WORLD.... was a normal, insignificant, every day, girl.  She came from a normal, unknown family and did not stand out in any way, shape or form.  She was not a portrait of beauty and more than likely, could have cared less about the shape of her body.  She was the the girl, that in today's world, would walk down the halls of school and totally blend in without recognition.  

Yet...... God chose her.  


All the Bible tells us regarding God choosing Mary is she was a virgin, upright and faithful. It does not go on and on and on about her abilities, her achievements or her background.  She was chosen, simply for her character and God was able to see far more into Mary than anyone else ever could.  

You are able to learn a great deal about Mary's character when she is approached out of nowhere by an angel.  The angel tells Mary that she is about to conceive a child and give birth to God's son.  

The ONLY question Mary has for this angel is how will this be, as she is a virgin.  The angel explains to her that God's Holy Spirit will come upon her and she will conceive in that manner.  
Photo Credit: Passion of the Christ
Now, here is the most miraculous thing in my eyes.... Mary does not go on to ask five zillion questions as I certainly would.  All the what if's and then of course the blatant doubt I would have that such a thing could take place.  

My faith is not even a match for Mary's faith.  Not only that, she was engaged to be married to Joseph.  Now, the angel appeared to Joseph as well and explained to him what was going to happen so he was aware of how Mary conceived.  In that day, it was extremely shameful for a woman to be pregnant outside of marriage.  Mary would have been the target of much ridicule and judgement.  And without question, she willingly accepted this calling.  

Her response to the angel remains one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible.  

" I am the Lord's servant, Mary answered.  May your word to me be fulfilled." Luke 1:38

She responded.... I am the Lord's servant.... may God's purpose be fulfilled. 

THAT MY FRIENDS.... is what was significant about Mary.  Her beautiful, flawless faith.  Her awareness that her body and being was simply a tool God needed to use on earth to fulfill His greater purpose and she embraced that calling without hesitation.  

How I long to have that level of faith, or even half of it.  As I discussed yesterday, in the Meaningful, Messy Marriage devotion, God needs us empty, empty of ourselves, empty of our own needs, desires and aspirations, in order for us to be able to embrace and accept what His purpose for us.  

I pray.... for the kind of faith.  I pray... for that kind of internal beauty.  I pray.... I set aside vanity and personal aspirations to serve the God that gave me life for His glory.  I pray... I stop letting Satan's fear rule my heart and question every challenge God brings me.... but embrace the challenges with the strength of God's Holy Spirit knowing He could be using me to change the world and I may never know it.  

Mary had no idea that she was about to give birth to the Savior of the world and that she was have to endure the excruciating experience of watching her son be tortured and killed.  However, without her willingness to blindly accept her calling..... the entire world would be headed for hell.  

Mary.... a normal, insignificant, every day girl..... helped change the course for mankind with one act of obedience.  

There truly is.... something... about Mary.

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


12/18/2016 10:44pm

What a great and inspiring post. It's worth to read and it really touched my heart. Yes there is really something about Marry. When the time that she knew God's plan for her about conceiving a child, she didn't ask many questions and she agreed without hesitations even though it's really shameful for a woman to be pregnant before marriage at that time. Her faith is so strong. Most women wants to be like Marry but sadly, most of them cannot stand what they want.

02/14/2017 1:47am

I agree that Mary helped change the course of mankind with one act of obedience. There is really something about Marry. Her faith is so strong. Most women want to be like Marry but most of them cannot be like Marry. Marry sacrifices herself to carry a child that could change the world. It's worth to read and it really touched my heart. I really enjoyed your blog, Its so very inspiring and can attract other people.


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