Yesterday, I posted a little video clip on the need for reprieve!! Sometimes.... we just need to GET AWAY from our everyday!

I also talked about the struggle I often have of feeling that need but not being in a situation where I can necessarily have that break I am so desperately desiring.  

Winter months tend to be the hardest for most people as you are often trapped inside, with little sunlight or fresh air and cabin fever really starts to set in!  I am so tickled on the first nice days as spring approaches and I can open a few windows and my front door to let some fresh air in! 

We live in a world of GO, GO, GO and often find ourselves stumped as to why we can't just keeping going like the rest of the world seems to!  Do you find yourself feeling like a failure when you become drained and unmotivated?  Do you question your abilities and compare yourself to to other women that seem to be able to DO IT ALL?

Well... STOP doing that! LOL

Really, though, stop.'

Here is why....

God NEVER intended nor did He create us... to GO GO GO!!  Our bodies and minds have limits.  It is the world that has created this unrealistic facade and it is literally killing people, especially, mentally.  Most of the world is on anitdepressants/ anti anxiety medication and even those often fail to work.  You were not made to do it all... and trying to do so... will surely kill your spirit... if nothing else.  

OTHERS.... DON'T DO IT ALL EITHER! Quit comparing yourself to the little snipits you see in other people's lives.  You don't see the entire picture.  No one can do it all.... and if they try.... chances are.... they are falling apart... slowly but surely.  Now, there may be other women that do different things than you do, that perhaps, gives you the idea they are doing it all.... but really stop and assess your life.  It is very l likely... you are doing things... other women aren't doing.  I am going to bet, there are a whole lot of crazy, busy women, that often cry themselves to sleep at nigh from pure exhaustion.  Trying to do it all.... has great consequences..... that are not beneficial to anyone.  

Ladies.... no doubt,... God put us here to serve others and in that.... we can find tremendous joy.  However, serving others, does not mean , denying ourselves basic self care.  

No, in the 14 years I have been home with children, homeschooling and changing diapers, there is no doubt, I have not gotten the breaks I have so desperately needed.  And I have surely gone through seasons when I completely neglected not just my heart's desires, but my basic daily needs. 

I have learned.... the devastating effects this has on both myself and my family.  God loves me as much as He loves others, He wants me to love myself (in a healthy way) and care for my own body, the way I long to care for others.  

That is NOT selfish.... that is NECESSARY!!

Nurturing and pampering yourself can be a beautiful thing as long as the heart behind it, is aligned with God's.  

I want to care for myself because I want to feel at my best to serve Him, not because I feel I a more important than others.  

I cannot serve God.... if I never service myself!

So... Here are 5 things every woman should do for herself..... DAILY!!!  Without guilt, without hesitation.  This is especially important when you do not have a lot of opportunities to get the outside breaks you need.  You may be like me and have to forgo a lot of the bigger breaks with a lot of little ones.  Don't get me wrong... you still need the bigger ones.... such as; a night away, a manicure/pedicure, a day of shopping, lunch with a friend, even just an afternoon at a coffee joint reading a book.  BUT, when the bigger ones aren't possible.... the little ones can be just as healing!  


  1. Feed her Heart and Soul!  This may be quiet prayer and Bible time, reading an inspiring book, doing a daily devotion book or talking to a healing friend.  Whatever feeds your heart and soul.... is essential to your day.  Remember, even if you don't have a lot of extra time to read, I set the goal of 7 pages a day!  Do something doable!!!  And don't make excuses!!
  2. Drink Water!!  I know, I know, I know!  This one is so hammered into everyone, BUT believe me when I tell you... It makes a HUGE difference!!  I can totally tell by my energy level when I have not drank enough water!  You can be dehydrated and not even know it and fatigue is a huge indicator!  Do this... drink ONE glass of water in the morning before you have your coffee or anything else!  Buy yourself a cute little insulated cup and sip away ALL day!  It will make a difference... I promise!
  3. Take a Hot Bath or Shower!  You should always make time for this!  And if possible... you should really include a bath bomb in your tubby time!!  I experienced one of those compliment of my hubby last night and they are awesome!!!  Relaxing and leave your skin, oh so soft!!  Have a special little hidden place with your favorite bath time items; bubble bath, bath gel, bath salts, bath bombs, more expensive shampoo and conditioner just for you!! Go crazy!  Take care of you!! And enjoy every minute of it! 
  4. Do Something for Your Body!  Exercise is great, even if it's just 15-20 minutes of time. I only do 15-20 minutes 4 times per week!  It makes a HUGE difference!  However, if you are not able to get the exercise in, take care of your body in other ways such as: eating at least 3-4 fruits and veggies a day, taking vitamins, making yourself a daily healthy smoothie.  Anything that is GOOD for your body!  It will make you feel so much better about your day knowing you did something for your body!!!
  5. Laugh!!!!  Yes.... LAUGH!!!!  Find some way to laugh EVERYDAY!  You need laughter, smiling and joy!!  It feeds the soul!!!  It is as necessary as breathing!!!  I turn I Love Lucy on in the background a lot when I'm cleaning or folding laundry because I still laugh like a hyena at that show!!!!  Laugh, please laugh!!!

So there you have it.... you need to do these things for yourself... every day!!!!  And don't you ever, feel guilty about doing so!!!!  God loves you.... as much as He loves those you serve.  You matter.  You always have. And always will.  

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 


01/19/2017 8:15pm

Thank you Missy for inspiring every lady out there. What I really like about this post is the suggestion, which is to laugh. I know life is a heck of a problem, but don't ever forget to be happy and laugh. To laugh is to live a happy life and face the challenges in a positive way, and that's how girls, as well as the boys, should live their lives everyday. Well, I love every suggestion here, because it's really worth following!

02/08/2017 9:37pm

Feeding your heart and soul is important for our welfare. You are right. We should also drink plenty of water. I think that it is important to take care of our overall well being. We must not only focus on one aspect.


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