I have pondering and praying about what to place in this giveaway and God gave me a few great ideas!

My goal this year is to be more intentional with my time and feel as though I have actually achieved something by the end of the day not merely survived!  I am often on "survival mode!"  Who can relate????  

One of the ways I am doing this is by taking time to read inspiring material that will continue to push me toward being intentional and enjoying my ACTUAL life, not the life I WISH I had.  I recently finished a little 30 page book called, God's Perfect Timing.  It was extremely inspiring and shared much wisdom on how God works in our lives!!  He is always at work.... even when we don't see it!!

This book will be in the giveaway!  It is short and sweet but extremely powerful!!!  

I am also focusing more on daily goal setting!  There is a fantastic feeling that comes from scratching off things on a "to do" list, even if it is just two things a day!  I put things on my list in each area of my life, my spiritual, physical, marriage, parenting and household goals.  Here is an example of my goal list....

SPIRITUAL; Morning prayer/ Bible/ Blog time, Read at least 7 pages of book.

PHYSICAL; Run/ Speed Walk at least 15-20 minutes. Eat at least 3 fruits/veggies.

MARRIAGE; Pray for my spouse/ marriage, have at least 10 minutes talk/ quiet time with spouse.

PARENTING; Bake something with the girls, Read to Audree. Pray for my kiddos!

HOUSEHOLD; Start cleaning/ organizing play room!

So there you have it! All these goals are totally attainable and it gives me a sense of intention in my day!  I don't lay in bed at night wishing I had done this or that.... I know I did it!!  

So... I have added some cute "to do"/ goal lists as well as a girly monthly planner!  
Next.... in terms of being intentional.... I love to focus on serving others.... outside my home as well!  One of the ways in which we can do this... is just by sending a thoughtful note or card when God lays it on our hearts!  The trouble with this often is, you don't have a card or note handy and you don't have time to run out and get one!  Well... I got ya covered!  One of my dear friends, Carol, makes the most adorable homemade cards!!!

I have included a package of these homemade cards that include cards for birthdays, anniversaries, get well, sympathy and just thinking about you cards!!!! 

Lastly, we all like to have our home tidy and organized and with cold and flu season brewing, I have added some of my favorite all natural hand soap!  It smells great and it is made with all natural ingredients!!!!  Check out Meyers products... they are super duper!!

Those are the items in my first giveaway of the year!!!  

To be part of the giveaway, comment or like this status and your name will be added!  I will draw the winner, Tuesday, January, 17th!!!


Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


01/14/2017 12:12am

The giveaways are adorable. I love crafts. I like making scrapbooks, Junque journals and stuffs. How can I win these giveaways? I'm looking forward to have one. I will share this blog to my friends. Thanks.

02/28/2017 4:26am

You are a really sweet person to have those great crafts and books as a giveaway! I believe that your goals are attainable and you'll achieve it in God's perfect timing. You have a great big heart because God is always in the center of your daily life and your family's next. We're living on fast changing world and we got to keep on its pace. But we still have to know our priorities and that's God and family. Thank you very much for the giveaways. To whoever wins that, he or she's lucky!


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