Well.... I finally made my selection of reading material for 2017!!  I am excited to share that I have already completed one and loved it so much that I am making part of my next giveaway!  
Now, I must confess, it is not because of diligence of major time sacrifice that I finished this book.... the book is more like a little leaflet and has a grand total of 30 pages!!! LOL

BUT... it is 30 pages full of priceless wisdom, regarding God's perfect timing.  It spoke volumes to me and reminded me, as I often forget, that God is always at work in our lives, even when we don't see it.  

This book is called God's Perfect Timing, by Rev J Martin.  I couldn't put it down and was a little bummed when I finished it!!!  It will go to a lucky winner of the next giveaway!

My next selection is called Loving My Actual Life, by Alexandra Kuykindall.  The minute I saw this book, God told me it was for me!  As I am guessing many other people in this world, I feel I spend too much time wishing my life were different in certain ways, rather than loving and embracing the actual life I was given.  

Now, please don't misunderstand me, I love my life as a mom and wife.  And I am extremely grateful that I God has provided in ways that allow me to stay home with my kids and homeschool.  I never take that for granted, however, I find myself day dreaming about how I wish I had more money to do this to my house.  Or I wish I had grandparents near by, so I could take more moments away.  Or I wish my husband didn't have a job that required him to work as many hours as he normally has to. I wish my kids were more helpful.  I wish Audree was less high maintenance!

You see where I'm going with this?  It's not that I would make drastic changes.... it's just those little things that I think about and wish were different that make it difficult for me just to embrace the life I have.  

So.... in this book the author conducts a nine month experiment with her own life and dedicate nine months of her life to learning to embrace and love the life she actual has been given.  I have only read the intro, so I am not sure where the book is headed, but I am already intrigued.  

I will give you a full report when I complete the book!!!
The last book I chose is actually a Women of Faith Bible Study.  I have done these before and always really enjoyed them!!!

This one is called, Understanding Purpose, by Caroline Custis James.  The study is built to help women explore their specific purpose and what God has called them to do by giving her certain gifts and talents.  

Very often, as a stay at home mom, I understand I have great purpose in raising my children and serving my husband, but I feel I lost myself a little on this journey.  My whole life becomes about who I can serve next rather than HOW ELSE does God want me to serve?

Though my first priority is to my family, it does wonders for my heart when I am able to serve in other ways outside my home.  

Doing this blog is one way I am able to do that!!!

So... there you have it!!  If I finish this in a timely fashion... I may choose some other reading material.  

My goal is to finish Loving My Actual  Life, first!! My goal is 7 pages a day, more if time permits!!

What will you be reading this year???

Remember.... our journey with God.... is like a lifetime pregnancy.... we never stop growing..... and changing until the day we leave this earth... and are born again in heaven's gates!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


01/11/2017 8:17am

Thanks Missy 💕!! I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you!

01/30/2017 11:26pm

Wow! 30 pages full of priceless wisdom regarding God's perfect timing. I want to read it too. Reading a book like that is really inspiring and motivating. It's a nice decision to give it away. Can I be the one to have it?

03/03/2017 2:29am

These are great reads. My best friend loves giving me books like this. He said that it's nurturing to one's soul. At first, I was hesitant because I thought that he's just trying to mock me. We always argue about life and everything and sometimes we ask each other advice, so he recommended books that are good to one's life. Now, I also give him books when I discover something good and beautiful. The last book I gave him was about mental endurance and how it would help him get through the day.


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