Many of us feel as though we are feeling God, daily.  

Struggling to see our purpose.  Struggling to find our "nitch" in His grandiose plan.  Because our world has become so dispicably competitive, I am saddened to say, I believe that our walk with the Lord becomes no exception. 

The bigger issue here is this..... all too often we are desiring to be seen as the one moving mountains, while God has us busy helping others struggling, up a hill.  Our perception is tainted. There is a very good chance, that you are serving God every. single. day. and your need for recognition has blinded you to the work He has you doing.  

Here is how....

Do you have friends?  Do you have anyone who calls you in a moment of weakness of pain?  Even if you do not speak to them daily, do you have people that know they could count on you in a New York minute if they needed something?  Do you pray for others?  Do you offer warm hugs and a helping hand when you are able?  Do you bless them with a warm smile or words of encouragement?  Do you make them laugh when they want to fall apart?  Do you help them see the hope in the hopeless?  Are you the hands and feet of God when their world is cold and dark?

If you answered yes, to any ONE of these questions.... you are serving God in a mighty way and you probably don't even acknowledge it.  Perhaps to you, it does not seem grandiose enough, but trust me when I tell you, it is extremely grandiose to the receiver!

During my worst moments in the past few years of marital struggle, my friends were my saving grace.  They were literally the hands and feet of God in my life.... daily.  

I will venture to say, most of them did not even recognize how impactful their presence, words and actions were in my life.  I am sure they often felt helpless and useless, wishing they could do more.  But friends, they did exactly what God asked them and called them to do.  

They loved me.
They served me.
They hugged me.
They prayed for me.
They sat with me when I cried.
They listened. 
They made me laugh and smile.
They provided for me.
They were available. 
They were attentive.
They surprised me with little things.
They called to check on me.
They were there WHENEVER I needed them.

They never had the solution and they never had all the answers.  They couldn't fix my problems and they didn't try.  

They were simply.... present. 

Their presence..... was a present. 
Here is the thing you HAVE to remember....

Some people were called to move mountains.... others were called to simply help others climb it.

Either calling is grandiose!

Either calling is admirable.

Either calling is needed.

Friendship is a truly beautiful thing. Often, people are closer to their friends than their own blood relatives. If you are a friend to any, you are being used by God.

There is beauty and purpose in the every day activities God has us doing and they become even more purposeful when we acknowledge them as His work.

In this lifetime, you may never move a "so called mountain" but you may unknowingly help hundreds or thousands of hopeless individuals climb theirs....

And that.... my friend... IS GRANDIOSE!!

Who can you help on their climb today?

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend



01/30/2017 3:29am

Some people were called to move mountains means people are subjected to make a difference in their life. Some people were called to help others climb them means some people are subjected to make changes in others life. But before you make difference in others life you must start with yourself first. Understand and meditate day and night the words of God. Make God enters your spirit and let him guide you in everything you do. Make Him control your inner self. Word of God is a very strong weapon you can bring in the battle. In making changes in others life, when other people have problem and they feel that they can't even move it. Share to them that even a pea size of faith in God can move the mountain. Share them the word of God and let them meditate it day and night.There is a purpose in everything we do when we acknowledge them as His work.


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