I had a bad day the other day and needless to say a stinky attitude to go with it.  I was feeling pretty crabby and discontent at home and making it painfully obvious to my family.  Though I get worn out and sometimes, rightfully so, it goes not give me any right to take it out on my family, the ones I love the most.  

We all know this, yet, I hear so many that share the same struggle.  They let out their ugliness out on those that mean the most to them.  Those they cannot bare the thought of losing, yet, it is those that get to see us at our very ugliest.  

I recall watching a Christian comic video one time, that showed a mom in the midst of her grumpiest grumps and then the her Pastor rang her doorbell!  Well... as you can well imagine... she plastered a painfully fake smile on her face, opened the door and says... "Praise God, Pastor, Hi!!"  

Joking aside, it is all too true that most of us would be guilty of the same thing.  We can be letting the fury of hell out on our family and then answer the phone in that split second a totally different person.  


Well... I believe God gave me the answer to this million dollar question and it is actually very simple.  

I have heard many explain that we hurt the ones we love the most because we know they will always accept us, take us back, forgive and get over it because of their love for us; but I believe there is a deeper issue related to this phenomenon. 

It's called.... Darkness.

Sin is done in the dark.  Sin is comfortable when it is hidden, when it cannot be seen by those we want to keep it hidden from.  

It becomes easy to sin.... when we feel our sin is "safely hidden."

In our homes, behind closed doors, with for most of us, the safest people we know, it becomes very easy to let sin plant and grow.  We are "safe" here.  And though, our family members may share our sinful actions with a few close friends or relatives, we don't have the fear of being found out by the masses.  Our sin is safe.  Think about the sins you struggle with.  And I am  here to tell ya.... we all have them.  You are not alone and you are not an evil person because you have a sinful nature.  This is why you NEED Christ and this is why He died for you. 

The greatest sins I struggle with are; my thoughts, my quick temper when I'm exhausted and my fear of the unknown or lack of faith and trust.  I know I have others... but these are my top winners.  

But as I ponder these sins.... it is obvious to me that they are easily hidden.  No one aside from maybe those very close to me, know that these sins are alive and active in my life.  They are easily hidden, therefore, easy to continue.  I do more repenting in my home than anywhere else in the universe and that my friends, is troubling to me.  
If I died today, it is not the people at the Hy Vee or Hair Salon I would really be concerned about leaving behind.... it would be the ones that I live with every day of my life.  The ones that formed and grew in my very body.  The one that I vowed forever to with a mass of witnesses. YET, they see my sin at it's worst.... because in my warped and sinful mind.... they are "safe."

Think of the sins.... done in the dark.... where for the most part.... no one can see... or so we think. I believe with ALL my heart; this is why abortion is acceptable to many.  Abortions are completely done in the dark.  The mother cannot see what is happening to her baby inside that dark and closed off womb.  If light were put in the process.... and that mama was able to see and witness what was taking place inside her body, I am convinced abortion would be almost non existent.  

It is very easy to deny.... what we cannot see.  


God... sees ALL my friends.  No sin can be hidden from Him.  

"My eyes are on all their ways; they are not hidden from me, nor is their sin concealed from my eyes." Jeremiah 16:17

And since God gets to judge where we spend eternity... should we not be more concerned about what He sees, rather than what others see?

Sin is never safe.  Sin is never hidden.  Sin will always be exposed.

We may live our life on this earth successfully hiding our sin from the world.... but there will come a day that sin will be exposed as we stand before God in judgement.  It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the Almighty God.... who will choose your eternity.  

Today... bring light to your sin.  Bring God with you everywhere you go.... He who is able to keep you from falling.  He whose light.... banishes the darkness we choose to hide in. 

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 


01/30/2017 11:33pm

Everyone of us commit sin because no one is perfect. Sin is any lack of conformity, active or passive, to the moral law of God. This may be a matter of act, of thoughts, or of inner disposition or state. We hurt the ones we love the most because we know they will always accept us, but don't take that as an advantage. We should always value our love ones.


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