1. Kind words
2. A hug
3. A smooch! (depending on who it is!! LOL)
4.A sweet note
5 A sweet treat
6. A homemade gift
7. A phone call
8. A kind text
9. A hot coffee delivered!
10. A smile!
11. An encouraging word (especially when you can see someone desperately needs it!)
12. A surprise gift certificate!
13. Sneak in and clean their house!
14. Make someone laugh!!
15. Forgive someone!!
16. Bring Valentine's to a Nursing Home!
17. Pay for a random person's lunch, coffee or dinner!
18. Visit someone!
19.Leave a message on their car!
20. Tell someone how God used them in your life!
21. Show appreciation for someone who rarely receives it!
22. Show love to someone a little hard to love!
23. Hand out Hershey's kisses to random people!
24. Invite someone to lunch!
25. Deliver Valentine's at work!
26. Dedicate a song to someone on the radio!
27. Pray for God to continue to soften your heart!
28. Pray for others!
29. Put the needs of others in front of your own.
30. Thank someone... you have needed to thank for a long time!

Love... never fails. 

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


02/15/2017 1:18am

There are simple ways to show love to others. The gestures should not be grand to let them know that you care for them. I show love to others by complimenting them and giving little notes of appreciation. Keep spreading love!

03/14/2017 12:42am

Wow that is a very good way of showing love to others. It is good that you are able to show it in the most simplest form but very useful. Because of this article you too are also showing love for your viewers. Thank you very much! Hope everyone are having a good time with their love ones. So much love to this!


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