I am super excited!!! This is by far, going to be my favorite giveaway to date! 

As I have mentioned, many, many times before, one of the most precious gifts God has given me (aside from salvation) is opening my eyes to the strength that lives within me as I walk with Him.

For most of my life, I saw myself as a "weaker" person; an over reactor and a stress mess!  I have never been very good at handling stressful situations and when God sent the "perfect" storm of multiple stress inducing circumstances, I often crumbled under the pressure.  I adapted to unhealthy coping mechanisms to  try and gain back control such as Anorexia.

Well, as you probably already guessed, that never worked and only aided in making the situation much worse!  The bottom line is... I AM NOT IN CONTROL!  I never have been.  I never will be.  And you know what????

I am totally GOOD with that.  Why I would think I could handle my life better than my Creator who can do significantly more than we can ever ask or imagine, is beyond me.  For most of my life, I really did not know God, so that was the major problem.  But even when I accepted Christ, I still struggled and often still do, with wanting that control back.  Not trusting in God's ultimate plan and completely dismissing the fact that His strength.... is now my strength!  

"The Spirit of God that raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you." Romans 8:11

I never, ever (nor God) want you to forget, the strength that you hold if you are walking hand and in hand with the Lord.  You are MORE than a conqueror!!!  You are a WARRIOR!  You will NOT fall.  

SO.... without further ado.... here is the awesome giveaway!!
The winner of this giveaway will be given this beautiful reminder to wear around her neck, of the strength that lives within her to conquer each days to do list, disasters and challenges!

There is not a day that you will ever walk alone!

God is within you... you will not fall.  

"God is within her, she will not fall. God will help her at the break of day." Psalm 46:5

If there is one thing I long to do through this blog, it is to empower women (and men) in the way God desires them to be empowered... and that is remembering who they are in Christ!  The strength they acquire when they walk with Him and the mountains they can conquer with the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead living within them!

Lack of trust and disbelief are our biggest barriers to victory.  

I too, struggle with these things.  

May this necklace, empower you, every time you wear it, see it and feel it hanging around your neck!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 


03/19/2017 9:10pm

God is always with everyone. I must say that no matter what will happen in our life god will be always the saviour. Everything happens fo a reason and it is the pattern of life.

04/10/2017 10:54pm

I always remember another passage in the Bible every time I encounter this verse. The passage is from the book of Proverbs and I quote, "Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised." The Lord doesn't want us to fight our battles alone. And just like what Psalm 46:5 says, a woman that has the Lord on her side will not fall. The Lord will help her through the rest of her life.


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