When I first gave my  life to Christ, nearly 14 years ago, one of the first things God gave me a desire to do was study women.  

I longed to know what God's purpose was for me, as a woman.  When He created Eve out of Adam's rib, what was the ultimate goal of His design.  

As I read and studied I learned that God created women with many meaningful qualities. His first goal was to create a helper and companion for Adam.  He recognized that it was not good for Adam to be alone and that he needed a partner in life.  I have often joked as to why that was the ONLY thing that God stepped back and did not identify as "good."  It was not good that man should be alone and if you have ever walked into a bachelor pad this will become painfully obvious!! LOL  

Yes, Yes, I know there are some men that are very neat and tidy, but for the most part, I have not personally found that to be the case. 

God gave women the gift of making a house a home and caring for the things, man wasn't necessarily given the desire to care for.  This is one of the reasons there will probably always be the battle of the sexes when it comes to house work.  Women see EVERYTHING that needs to be done... all the time and men can walk past the overflowing garbage can and laundry basket and not think twice.  

God also gave women the heart to nurture and care for little ones.  He created in them a maternal desire and instinct that men do not have.  This is why a woman can strategically pack a diaper bag and fill it with every possible need the baby could have, while a man may very likely walk out the door without a diaper bag at all, maybe even without the baby!! LOL

This sometimes comes across as negligence to women, but honestly, it all goes back to the difference in the way God created man and woman.  

So yes, I learned that women were given hearts to care for a home and her husband and a maternal instinct to love and care for her children. He desires for women to be modest, meek and gentle. These are extremely wonderful qualities and have the power to change the world, however, I have learned something life changing for me in my Understanding Purpose study.  And that is.... women, though created to be gentle were also created to be warriors!!

When God designs Eve, He states that He was creating a "helper" for Adam.  What my study explained was what the word "helper" actually encompasses.

If you take the word "helper" and root it back to the Hebrew meaning, it actually is the word ezer (pronounced azor) it used in the same context  as God as the helper to Israel and the call for military aid!  
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So, in laymen's terms, the word "helper" used to describe the creation of woman actually means STRONG HELPER or WARRIOR!  

You were created to be a WARRIOR!!  God created you with the strength and courage to fight every battle He may place in front of you in your lifetime!  

Most women I know ARE WARRIORS!  Though created for specific purposes, women that are left to fill both a man and woman's shoes are able to successfully accomplish this!  They will fight to protect their children and that same mama will lay in bed and snuggle with them when they have a bad dream!  

Look at your grandmother's hands.... those are the hands of a beautiful warrior!!  Each wrinkle a symbol of triumph over a struggle she may have thought she would never win!

When a man is unable for whatever reason, whether it be intentional or not, to fulfill his leadership role in the home, women are made to step up and fill those massive shoes, even though she may be dying inside, she will do it until God sends reprieve!  

Though God desires for women to be quiet and gentle, He designed them to fight the good fight when those are cards she is dealt!  

Ladies... don't EVER underestimate your purpose and abilities in life!  God gave you EVERYTHING you would need to fulfill every purpose He gives you!  Satan wants to convince you otherwise and unfortunately, we fall prey to his lies way too often!  

There may be days...you may feel like you are going to crumble into a million little pieces... but I assure you.... God made you a WARRIOR!!  

You can slip on those heals, apply that lipstick and on the way out the door, grab your sword and shield..... you.... are God's beautiful warrior!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 


03/06/2017 4:58am

Your words are great! You made us know the two different sides of a woman. I can say that my mother is an example of that. She is very gentle and caring for us, she is always soft the way she acts and speaks. But I can say that she is a warrior. We've been through a lot of things. We were still children when we faced a financial problem. Since that we are still children and always think of just playing, she faced it alone. Thank God, she survived it. That's why, I respect women and admire them at the same time.


Indeed, we, women, are created in this world to be warriors. Not only because from the day we step into the education system, we are being underestimated due to sexism. Most people see women as submissive to men, but that should not be. Women are created by God to help men. We are who they need, not the other way around. Every success of a man, there is a woman behind, I really believe in that quote. Whatever your role is in this world, whether as a mom, wife or a daughter. Always have the perspective that we are one of the reasons why this life becomes more fun compared if we're not around.


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