If I had to name ONE thing that has given me hope when all hope seems lost.....it is these soul feeding words....

"To Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine, according to His power within us." Ephesians 3:20

It is extremely easy to become weary.  To lose hope. To succumb to the exhaustion from life's battles. To let Satan win, even when you are unaware that he is even behind the wheel. 

And believe me when I say, I have been there and some days, still am.  

I spend many days, almost minute by minute, asking God to guide me, help me, lead me, just take over because for my own sanity, I have to step aside.  

What is so incredibly encouraging about this scripture is no matter what I ask God for, no matter what I am needing or praying for at that moment..... God.... can do MORE!  So much more.... it cannot be measured!  We could never see the end of His abilities.  Whatever we pray for, whatever we dream of, whatever we wait in hope for....... it cannot compare to the power that rests in God's ability!  

Job prayed for God to end his suffering.... God fully restored Job's life to even greater than it was before!

Hannah prayed for a child.... God blessed her with a son that went on to serve God in might ways!

Moses cried out to God..... God allowed Moses to lift up his staff, stretch out his hand and part the Red Sea!

God can and will do more than we can even ask or imagine.

The focus here is.... trust.

Do I trust him and believe in Him to do so?

I guess that remains the million dollar question.

I pray today....for a sense of trust like you have never experienced before.  

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend



There are some quotes in the Bible that help us to relax and reset ourselves. The one given by you is very good. I often read the Book to help myself off the pressures I face everyday.


Trust is one of the hardest things to earn. There have been people or situations that take place in our lives and suddenly we lose our trust because something horrible happened. But God had done immeasurable things in the world our brains can't even comprehend. He's the God of all Gods and he will literally do anything. We have to trust Him for he will never disappoint us. Whatever we ask of God, He'll give us as long as He sees that these things fit us. Trust Him and nothing could ever go wrong.


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