One of the most precious benefits to giving my life to Christ was understanding what the word "free" really means. 

We live in the freest country in the world.  I am pretty much allowed to live as I choose, almost to a fault in the US of A.  However, the freedom found in Christ does not hold a candle to the freedom of living in a free country.  I am blessed to experience both, but what God has shown me recently, is I really have not experienced the freedom He longs to give me.

"For the one the Son sets free is free indeed." John 8:36

But am I?  Am I truly free?

No, not even close.

I have the freedom to practice my faith for all to see.

But I can't go a day without worrying about something I can't control.

I have the freedom to walk down my street, for the most part completely safe from harm.

But I can't break free from needing the approval of man.

I have freedom to say whatever I am thinking or feeling about whomever I wish to say it about. 

But I am in chains to my own emotions and intrusive thoughts.

I have freedom to go where I want, wear what I want and do what I want.

But I continue to  live as a prisoner to worldly standards.  

I have been given freedom..... but I am not free. 

I am a prisoner sitting in a cell.  Jesus flew the cell door open and is just waiting for me to step out.  I venture out, slowly, a few toddler steps, but then turn around and run right back to my personal prison.  


Why can't I shake these chains and run out of the cell and slam the doors behind me?

I pray this and ask this each morning.  And I live in an endless pursuit to allow God to break the chains for good.  

I have had seasons where I experienced this freedom, but as I mentioned, I always find myself running back to for the dark cell, even though I don't long to be there.  

Freedom is not found necessarily in a country, or a town, or even in laws, rules or regulations..... true freedom is found in our head.   

My mind wanders like a homeless bird.  I am often a wave tossed to and fro.  My mind is searching for a place to call home.  

True freedom is found when my mind wanders no more, but finds it's home..... in Christ. 

I pray for the day that I find THIS type of freedom.  The freedom Christ died to give me.  The freedom to feel joy..... always.  The freedom to simply follow Christ..... and shut the cell door and leave the world behind.  The freedom to let discouraging words or thoughts roll off my back and plop and be locked away in that dark cell I no longer reside in.  

Oh how I pray for that day!  

My God is faithful..... that day.... WILL come.  

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 


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04/10/2017 8:55pm

We are like the Israelites in Egypt being enslaved by the Pharaoh. The Egypt signifies the world, Pharaoh signifies Satan, and the Israelites signify us. In the Old Testament, we can see the Israelites were slaves in Egypt. Like us, we are being a slave of Satan in this world. But thank the Lord that he has freed us, just like what he did to the Israelites. We just have to have faith and trust in Him and follow Him.


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