Dollar General has some great deals today!  If you use their digital coupons, there are a ton of things on sale, that will also match up with a coupon and give you a terrific savings!  AND... they have a section of select summer and spring items that are buy one get two free!  You want to make sure you watch at the checkout that you are given the buy one get two!!  

So.... Here is what I got for around $23.00!!!!

-2 bags of Malt-O-Meal cereal (on sale for $3 a bag with a 1$ off 2 digital coupon)

-2 boxes of Fruity Pebbles (on sale for $1.95 with a $1 off 2 digital coupon)

-2 2 Liters of Fanta soda (buy one get one)

-1 box of Doggie Bones!!

-1 container of Ever Pet cat litter

-1 box of McDonalds Cafe 12 pack K cups
(on sale for $5.00)

-1 6 Big roll Charmin Basic toilet paper
(on sale for $3.50 with $1.00 off digital coupon)

-1 roll of dry erase wall stick paper
(this was part of buy 1 get 2 free)

-2 rolls of chalkboard duct tape (part of buy 1 get 2 free)
-2 3 sipper water bottles (for a special 2 year old)

-1 bag of cotton balls

-2 cute plastic red food baskets

I also used the get $5.00 off when you spend 

Not bad for $23.00!!!!!  

Run over to Dollar General and get your deals!!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend




10/16/2016 5:47am


12/28/2016 6:49pm

What a great deal! I watched something similar like this on TV. They were grocery shopping all they used to pay for everything are coupons. I can't believe that you can save a lot of money using coupons. I thought they were just some marketing gimmicks by the companies. Thanks for sharing this post. My and my husband will definitely check out Dollar General soon!


I'm very conscious every time I went to the grocery. First of all, I wanted to make sure that the product that I will be buying should have a long time before expiring. We all should be aware of the expiration dates of the product that we are consuming. Next would the price of the product. I also look for products that are on sale so the expense will go down a little bit. That's all that I'm doing every time I am on the grocery.

02/02/2017 4:12pm

Big save and a great deal! I can't imagine you can spend $23.00 only with that number of items.
Sometimes we just have to be practical. It's not that bad to buy what can save more of your money.
If you will compare it to others without any discounts or promos, that $23.00 you have will just have a couple of things.
This helped me, I will make sure to search for more discounts and promos first.

10/16/2016 8:11am

Dollar General (DG) operates as an extreme-value retailer in the dollar store segment of the retail industry. Some other categories that dollar stores fall under are close-out sales, limited items of grocery retail and single-price-point retailers. These retailers often operate in a small-box format offering a focused assortment of goods.


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