"For where your treasure is, your heart will                be also." Matthew 6:21  

Finances aren't always a JOY... BUT... they are part of the journey. 

God desires for us to give Him, EVERY area of our lives and that includes our finances. He will go to battle for you when you pull that old check register out to balance a month's worth of receipts, but only if you invite Him in.  

Money is necessary.  Money can be fun.  Money can be stressful.  Money can easily become an idol. When money and what money can buy becomes our focal point and greatest desire, God quickly gets pushed aside and that leaves a great big, gaping hole for Satan to squirm his way in to wreak all kinds of havoc in your life.  

"No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money." Matthew 6:24

Since allowing God to lead in our finances, our goal has shifted from having "things" to having contentment and every now and then, "things" we desire.  

On this page, I will share with you;

  • some key concepts God has lead us to implement into our finances

  • Help you refocus your heart toward contentment, finding your true treasure in God, not things.

  • some helpful tips for living frugally or within your means. 

  • I will also attempt to share any great deals I got during shopping visits!!

Don't get me wrong!!  Even with great planning and frugality our financial situation can get frenzied, HOWEVER, the rebound time is much, much quicker when applying the principals I will share with you!
  • Step Number One

  • Eliminate or Strictly Limit Debt

THIS. May be the hardest step God lead us to take in order to become good stewards of the money He has so graciously entrusted us with.  

Prior to inviting God into our financial life, we lived like most of the world.  If we really thought we needed something or really wanting something but did not have the money to purchase it outright, we didn't think twice about taking out a loan to have what we wanted.  We did this for everything from furniture to clothing to cars to household improvements.  

We had the bug for immediate gratification and would justify it by telling ourselves...."Ahhh, whats $50 a month for a room full of new furniture?"  Well, sooner or later all those little payments start to add up to a very burdensome monthly financial draining.  Eventually getting you to the point that pay day is not even enjoyable because most of your paycheck is already gone!

That is more than likely one of the reasons the Bible warns us to not let any debt be outstanding except the continuing debt to love man. (Romans 13:8) Debt becomes like a ball and chain that has master over you.  If your child is sick and you need to take a few days off and don't have the sick time, debt will put you at work, rather than home with your child.  You become a slave to it.  

Join me in the next faithful & frenzied finance post to learn more about how God lead us to eliminate and/or strictly limit debt and choose contentment!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend, 



A true treasure depends on you. Depending on what you want. Depending on your happiness. The true treasure for me is my family. I don't care about material things.


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