Let us all face it.... just like our own child in the candy isle of HyVee.... we all LOVE a little treat from time to time!

At least I do!  God has taught me the beauty of contentment, so I have learned to accept the times when that "treat" I am eyeing, may just not be financially possible.  This has changed my life in so many ways.  

  • It has kept us out of major debt!
  • It has given me a love for the simple things in life!
  • It has grown me in other areas such as; frugalness and homemaking skills.
  • It has given me a peace like I had never known before.
  • It has given me huge appreciation for the times I am able to purchase the BIGGER treats!

That is just to name a few! 

 There is no greater peace to be found.... than in a heart... that has found contentment.

Today, I want to share with you another update on the cash envelope system that is going far better than I could have ever imagined!  I am super excited at the outcome we are experiencing!!

I also want to share 5 ways I have you can still LOVE life while living on a budget!!!  It is very possible!  I promise!!!  Now, you would HIGHLY benefit from letting God in on this journey with you, as He is truly the One that can place that treasure of contentment in your heart. 

He is REALLY good at it too!!!!  
So join me in the video above to discover those five ways to help you love life... while watching our wallets waistline!!!

Here is a sneak peek at the five ideas....

  • DON'T Crash Diet!
  • See EVERY Penny as Spending Money!
  • Do Something  Kind of Big and Fun AT LEAST Once a Year
  • Adjust Your Taxes... if You are Bad as Saving Money!
  • Utilize Online Deals!
Here is a link to get your Birthday Freebies!

Find out more on my video!!!

Also... here is a GREAT deal on Halloween candy for those that live near a HyVee!!

They HyVee ad has a coupon for a bag of Mars candy bars for only $1.99.  Since this is a store coupon, you can stack it with a manufacturers coupon, so, if you go to coupons.com, there is a coupon to print for $1.00 off 2 bags of Mars candy.  

You can purchase two bags for $1.99 each, use your $1.00 off coupon and pay only $3.00 for two bags of candy!!!  

Gotta love coupon stacking!!!  Now the big challenge will be having it last until Halloween!!!! LOL

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


In life we have to face many hurdles and should overcome of many negative things. Life is the most precious gift by the god and everyone should be thankful of having it no matter how difficult the situation be. All the things said in the post is very inspiring.

04/05/2017 8:33pm

We should be grateful for our life every day because God gave us a gift that no one can ever exceed. It's just a simple mindset that everyone should remind of themselves every day. This blog could possibly be a way of making someone realize how precious and meaningful our life is. This is just some good content of blog that I always like to read. Continue being an inspiration for others.

03/06/2017 8:06pm

I have been creating my own drama and suffering for so long that like a fish that is oblivious to the water that surrounds it, I am often oblivious to the times when I create pain in my life. Mindful Mothering is so not about being oblivious.


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