Yes, I am going to say it!!

The Holiday season is fast approaching and for some this causes great excitement and anticipation... for others.... not so much!

One of the major contributors to the Holiday blues if often the financial strain it puts on your wallet. I totally get it.  I get it even more now that we have four children and they all start spouting off their Christmas lists around June!! LOL  

At least my two year old will be easy to buy for.  She yells "I want that!" with every single toy commercial that comes across the screen!  

Anywho.... oh... this was my blogging companion this morning.... LOVEEEEEEEEE!!
Sol back to business!

The Christmas/ Holiday season does not have to be the financial burden it may have been for you in the past!  

Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite websites to save some dough on!! 

Another thing I have learned to do, is something many people are good about doing, which is buying a gift here and there starting a few months before Christmas, or even year round.  

The only caution I give you with this, is something I have found I have done when doing this.  If I buy too far in advance sometimes this backfires on me and I end up spending MORE money as I tend to keep finding more and more things I can't resist buying for people.  Also, I don't know about your kids, buy mine can be pretty fickle!!  

Their lists evolve over time, so I always have to be aware of last minutes changes!! 

So here goes... my favorite sites to save!!

1. Money Saving Mom-  This blog posts daily deals you can find almost anywhere, but the greatest are the one's you can find on Amazon as well as a lot of FREEBIES!  She will post great items you can get a super discounts or even free, such as photo books and photo canvases!  I have been following this site for YEARS and it has taught me so much about saving money!!   Here is the link....

2. Krazy Coupon Lad
y- This site is another AWESOME site to help provide you with the greatest steals and deals around.  She has has a mobile app that allows you to download the deals at your favorite local stores!  She is extremely thorough in giving you the exact coupons you will need to achieve the deals she posts. I was super excited as one time I acutally got a guest post, posted on her website!!  Here is the link....

3. Zeni Optical- Now, I know most of us do not buy people eyeglasses for Christmas, but I had to put this site up here as it is AMAZING!  It has hundreds of stylish eyeglasses for dirt cheap prices!  You need to know your prescription as well as your pupilary distance, which you can measure on your own, it will show you how!  I own a few pair of glasses from this site and they are great quality!  I got two pairs of glasses for under $30.00!! Here is the link...
4. Hollar- I just found out about this website through Money Saving Mom!  It is a great site to find some hidden treasure deals.  It is hit and miss and you have to scour the site to find the deals you like, but it is very worth it!  you can get Melissa and Doug items for $1, OPI nailpolish for $3!!  They also have free shipping!  Here is the link...

5. Zulily- This site has ADORABLE stuff for very often low prices or great discounts!  It also is high quality and they have UNMATCHED customer service!  I have only had a couple of issues after ordering things from this site and they are terrific at just allowing you to keep the merchandise you were not happy with and shipping you new!!  I highly recommend Zulily!  The only downfall is their shipping can be very slow.  If you are ordering well ahead of time you should be fine but if you want something quickly, you need to order from their "ready to ship" section.  Those items will ship quickly in comparison to other sections. Here is the link..

6. TopCashBack- I just found out about this gem!!  I got 800 baby wipes FREE from WalMart the other day using this site!  You can receive cash back for shopping at almost any store you choose to shop at online!  They put the money right back into your set up account and you can then transfer it over to pay pal or to your bank account.  I just got a $13.47 rebate from buying the WalMart wipes!  If you do a lot of online shopping, you don't want to miss out on this site! Here is the link..

These are just a few of my favorites!  As the season approaches I will continue to share any new treasures I find!!!!


Peace and Blessings
Your Friend



10/11/2016 6:33am

Hey Missy! Thanks for sharing this post. Now I can shop for Christmas Season without having to spend much. I don't have much budget now since I'm still studying. I've been searching on the internet for ideas to cut costs in this coming Christmas season. Luckily, I've seen this post of yours. I will try these sites and give you my feedback.

03/03/2017 12:00am

Are these websites legit? I just had a trauma because I get scammed. I visited a website and I thought that I could earn money. Instead of earning money, I lost a fair amount of money. I am now very suspicious with sites like this.


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