So I'm super excited for the great cash envelope reveal tomorrow!  Our two week trial is officially over as of tomorrow and I have very positive news to report!

Stay tuned to find out the outcome and if we plan on adopting this as our new method!  

I also have a NEW fun and frugal new beauty tip for all you ladies out there that love long, flirty eyelashes but struggle endlessly with either spider eyes, crusty globs, glued together eyelashes or struggling with just trying to find a mascara that works!

Well... if that is you... you are in LUCK!!  Most women have their favorite, can't go without make up!  Mine... is mascara!  I love long eyelashes!! I always stated I should have been an adult in the 1950's as long, flirty eyelashes were all the rage!  

I have tried a dozen or more different mascaras trying to achieve the long, lushes, no sticking or globbing spider eyes mascara!

Being the frugal woman I am, it is very hard for me to cave and but expensive mascaras, but I have even done that and was greatly disappointed that for me, my lashes didn't come out any better than with a Cover Girl mascara, but cost about $25 more.  
I'm not sure if the photo really does the eyelashes justice, however, you can vaguely see the outcome of my new cracked eyelash code!

I am sorry, but this as close up to my face as I am willing to get!!! LOL

Just recently, I think I have cracked the secret to my dream lashes!  I am going to share and hope it works for you as well!

First off, there are two tools ABSOLUTELY needed to pull this off and they are...

1. A good eyelash curler
2. A clean,dry, mascara brush
3. Time

These three items are a must!
As for the type of mascara, I use two different items; Cover Girl Full Lash Bloom (it comes in a hot pink tube and I get black) and any kind of fiber mascara I can find inexpensive.  Right now, that is a Fiber mascara I found at Rue 21 when shopping for my daughter.  I think it was only like $5 or under.  

I have personally found no need for expensive mascara!

First Step; Curl your eyelashes by placing the eyelash curler as close to the base of your lashes without pinching yourself (been there done that!) then hold down for 15-12 seconds , pumping the curler slightly a few times.  Your lashes should be visibly curled.  If not, curl some more!

Step Two:
Use your DRY mascara brush to separate your lashes.  Make sure no lashes are stuck together and all are beautifully separated!

Step Three; Apply your mascara, starting at the base of your lashes and gently jiggling the wand slowly until you reach the edge of your lashes.  IF you get lashes stuck together (SO ANNOYING!!) use your dry brush and go over your lashes until they are separated.  

Step Four; Let them set/dry for at least 5 minutes.  I usually go refill my coffee cup, make my bed, check facebook, whatever, but you need to let your lashes dry before you put on the next coat.  

Step Five; Apply another layer of mascara followed quickly by a layer of fibers, then reapply more mascara to set the fibers.  Now, the fiber mascara will generally come with a mascara on the other end, however, I have never really been pleased with the mascara that comes with the fibers, so I opt for my favorite, Cover Girl instead.  If need be, run your dry brush through your lashes again, to separate and get rid of globs!  

Step Six; Now, let this layer set and dry. I let this one set a good 15 minutes.  I know, I know, it is a bit time consuming, however, it is way worth it if your love your lashes!  Once that layer is dry, take your eyelash curler and place at the base of your lashes again, making sure you have allowed all your lashes through and none  are stuck, then press down and hold for at least 10 seconds!  

WAH LAH!!  You should have some long and lushes, perfectly curled eyelashes at this point!!!  

Now don't get frustrated if you don't nail it the first couple of times!  It takes some personal tweaking!  This took me a long time to master!

I will tell you I have found it to be more about the tools and technique I use, rather than the mascara!  $6 Cover Girl works fine for me!  And with a coupon I can get if for $3!!  

So there you have it!  


Peace and Blessings
Your Friend




02/23/2017 5:17pm

Oh my God! This is just so perfect! I have a photo shoot later and I am actually having some problems about my long eyelashes. I think this will do. You solved my problems. Thank you very much!


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