Well... some of you may have already thrown in the towel when it comes to the whole "trying to save money thing," around this time of year.  Believe me... I get that!!  

However.... I ask you... don't give up quite yet!  We all have those little last minute gifts that we need to grab for coworker, friends, neighbors, teachers or any other person you can think of.  All of those little gifts can add up.  And then of course you are always stumped on what to buy at least one person on your list.  You know... the person that has everything or doesn't really like anything??

I have been researching some great last minute, easy, inexpensive and thoughtful gift ideas that just might help you out!  


This is my all time favorite idea for anyone!!  It is versatile, fun to put together and who doesn't love getting a box or basket full of their favorite goodies!  

Now, I wish I had thought ahead and put together some baskets to show you, but, this is me we are talking about and planning ahead, often does not happen! LOL  So you will have to create the vision in your head!

The other great thing about gift baskets is you don't necessarily have to know specifically what this person loves because choosing a few different things, you are bound to include something they will use and adore!

Do a combo of practical gifts as well as fun, inspirational and tasty!  You can normally find all of the items to fill a basket at one store such as Target, Walmart, Dollar General or The Dollar Tree.  

First choose a basket or cute box. Depending on the size you can get these relatively inexpensive and there are some adorable Christmas and holiday boxes out there!!

For a male, a basket may be more appropriate. Now,, choose some cute Christmas tissue paper!  I found adorable tissue at... you know it... TJ MAXX!!  

Now start filling!!  

Here are some ideas..

FOR THE MAN-  Men can be a little more difficult, however, being married to one, I can tell you some items he would love to get in a basket that most people may not think of.  

-A nice and healing hand cream!  My husband gets horrible dried and cracked hands this time of year, especially working construction.  A lot of men probably do, but would never go out and buy themselves hand cream!!  There are manly hand creams out there and more importantly, some really good ones for skin that is in rough shape!  

-A box of their favorite tea or coffee and maybe a big mug or travel mug!  My husband can be somewhat of a coffee snob.  He likes GOOD coffee.Being the frugal woman I am, you get what is on sale! LOL  You could also throw a $10 gift card to Starbucks or any other coffee place in with the mug and coffee!  There is a great basket!  

-A subscription to the Dollar Shave Club!  This is the best thing I have really ever gotten my husband, well... almost.  For $6 a month they have nice new razors delivered to their door and you can also purchase different shaving creams and such to go along with it.  Here is the link
The Fall giveaway basket I created!!

-Little flash lights, handy tools and gadgets!  I don't get it, but my husband loves little tools and gadgets!  I bought him a stocking cap for his birthday that has LED lights on it and you would have thought I bought him a new truck!  LO Men love gadgets.... 

-TEACHERS- You could fill their basket with a favorite treat, even homemade. You could also find a cute little picture or sign that has a quote about children or teaching. Hand sanitizer from Bath and Body works is another great idea as well as a cute mug, insulated water glass and for humor you could throw in a bottle of ibuprofen!!!

- NEIGHBORS- I love the idea of homemade goodies, I do this alot.  Other ideas for neighbors would be if it's a couple, matching coffee mugs and some nice coffee or tea.  A basket with items to make a meal, such as; a box of noodles, some good Spaghetti sauce, a loaf of nice french bread and a candle for their dinner!!  

-COWORKER or SECRET SANTA- You can get really creative as you may not know what this person really likes at all!  Go with a practical gift such as; a mild smelling hand cream or fun chap stick (they have gingerbread and sugar cookie chapstick this time of year!!) It it's a female... a cute pair of fuzzy, warm socks, some nice warm gloves, a cute scarf, CHOCOLATE, some fun pens and note cards.  I could on and on with this one!  Women are fairly easy I think!  Men think we are difficult to buy for.... I don't know about you.... but I would love anyone of the above mentioned items!  

One last gift idea I want to share that would be GREAT for a female you are not sure what to get is a subscription to IPSY.  I have one and it is one of my favorite things... EVER!  For $10 a month (so $120 a year) you get an adorable make up bag delivered to your door full of make up, skin care and hair products!  It is so fun and it is something to look forward to all year.  It is a little more costly, so this would not be for everyone, but perhaps a close friend, mama or family member!!

Here is the link...https://www.ipsy.com/

So there you have it! I pray these give you some ideas for those last minute or gifts that have you stumped!!


Peace and Blessings
Your Friend


12/27/2016 9:50pm

Coming up with gift ideas for grandparents or elderly parents can be a real headache for many people. Most grandparents have more stuff than they could possibly ever use. There is nothing they need and very little they want. So, what do you give someone who has almost everything, and their house is already full of family photos, albums, personalized mugs, slippers and bath oils? I think you have answered my question. Thank you so much for sharing this article!

01/28/2017 11:04am

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