Here are a few great deals that I found at HyVee today....

  1. Era or Simply Tide laundry soap is on sale for $2.99. has a paper coupon available to save $1.00 on one Simply Tide, making them only $1.99 a piece!

  1. HyVee has a HyVee coupon in their ad for 3/5$ Kraft shredded or cubed cheese. also has a paper coupon for $2.00 off 2 Kraft shredded or cubed cheese.  You can use both coupons since one is a store coupon and one a manufacturer coupon.  You will get 3 Kraft cheeses for only $3!!  

My shopping trip went pretty smoothly today and I managed to bust out of HyVee with a very inexpensive "hornswaggle" item.  A $1.00 Bubble gum tape for you know who!  And I actually came in way under my $160.00 budget!!

This Weeks Meal Plan:

I had the kids help me come up with this weeks meal plan in hopes that I may be able to spare myself an entire week of "meal moaning" as I kindly put it!

We shall see!


Nachos- taco meat, cheese, sour cream, salsa, black beans, chips.

Chicken in a Biscuit- recipe to come!

Homemade Chicken strips and Fries- recipe to come!  I haven't made this one yet!!!  

Meatloaf/ Mashed Potatoes- Someone will complain about this one.... I am sure of it! 

Three Cheese Stuffed Shells- Recipe to come!!

I will post recipes for some of these meals on tomorrow's post!!

So stayed tuned!


Frozen Waffles


Buttered Noodles
Ham/ Turkey Sandwich
Homemade Peanut Butter/ Jelly Uncrustable
Grilled Cheese
Cheese Quesadilla
Macaroni and Cheese

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend 


I wanted to stop and share some great deals that I am finding online right now for those of you who may like to start Holiday shopping early or you have birthdays coming up!  

I find most of my great deals on the Money Saving Mom website, but occasionally I will find some on my own!

Here is a list of TERRIFIC deals!!

  1. 1. Shutterfly is offering a free custom photo 8X11 calendar free with coupon code 2FREEBIES.  All you pay is shipping!  This would be an awesome Christmas gift for Grandparents! Here is the link...

  1. 2. Yankee Candle is offering a buy two candles get TWO CANDLES free deal if you use coupon code CATF116. This is a tremendous deal and a great chance to buy something fun for yourself and save some candles back for gifts!!  Yankee candles are the best!! Here is link...

  1. 3. Amazon has a great deal on a Little Tykes Waterpark play table.  It is normally $54.99 and is on sale for $27.49 with free shipping for Amazon Prime members!!!  If you don't have Amazon prime and you order frequently from Amazon, I highly recommend it!  It is only around $80 a year and you get free two day shipping on all prime products, which are most items on Amazon!!  Here is the link....

Grab these deals while they are available and get a head start on your Christmas/ birthday shopping!!!  Please share any great deals you may find!!!

:Peace and Blessings
Your Firend


I just wanted to share the great deals we found yesterday at our local mall in Ottumwa.  Anyone that lives near a Rue 21 will be able to enjoy these super deals!

I found this adorable dress that I plan on wearing for our family photos for $5!!!!  They have two gigantic racks full of clothes marked down to only $5!

My daughter found these super cute flip flops for only $3!  Unfortunately, even though they said they were her size, they are a bit small, so we will be either passing them along or returning them!

They have some terrific deals on shoes, clothing and accessories!!!  

Happy Shopping!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend

One of the ways in which God leads in the area of finances is spending the financial resource He gives us wisely.  There are many reasons for this, but two of the main ones that we have always focus on are; this allowing to save more money when those accidentals come up, (which ALWAYS do!!) as well as being able to give to and serve others through our these resources. 

Unfortunately, the cost of living is just plain expensive and once we paid off our major debt we focused in on saving money in many other areas of our household budget, especially, groceries!

I have made the mistake of trying to shave TOO much off my grocery budget and that has left me feeling defeated and frustrated! So, I have become more realistic about it and follow the old $25  per person, per week rule, adding $30 a week on for pet and household supplies and toiletries.  The original rule is actually $20 per person, however, since I am home with kids for three meals a day, my husband often packs his lunch as well as my son, I add $5 more per person, per week.  

In a week I try to stay around $160 for everything from food to laundry soap. In order to do this, I try to take advantage of the local sales and coupon deals.  

I am going to share with you some of the great deals I have found this week as well as how I go about using them!

Dollar Generals are almost everywhere and often have great deals!  Recently, I found out that they have this handy little perk called digital coupons.  All you have to do is look up Dollar General digital coupons online, fill out the information form, click on the coupons you want to use and get prepared to save!  The information form will ask for your cell number.  When you are ready to check out, on the pin pad there will be an digital coupon icon to push, it will ask for your mobile number, it will then deduct all the coupons she chose off your total!  No cutting out coupons, no sorting!  I love it!

HyVee also has some great ways to save.  Most people are familiar with their fuel saver card.  Aside from it helping you to save on gas, you can also load digital coupons onto your fuel saver card by downloading the HyVee app on your phone.  When the cashier scans your fuel saver card, your coupons will be deducted off your total!
I still print paper coupons off of as well.  Some great sites to look on for coupons are Money Saving Mom and Krazy Koupon Lady.

  Here are the deals I found this week.....


  • Today only, there is a $2 off a $10 purchase coupon.
  • Saturday, there is a $5 off a $25 purchase coupon.
  • Buy 1 Fanta drink, Get 1 Free
  • Downy Liquid Fabric Softener; there is a $1 off coupon and they have a Downy that is priced at $3.85, which makes it only $2.85 

  •  $2 off two coupon for Aussie shampoo and conditioner, they are both $2.50 a piece, you will get both for $3.00.
  • a save $2.00 off one Loreal Paris shampoo or conditioner,they are normally $4.00 a piece, this makes them only $2.00
  • a $1.00 off secret deodorant, they are $1.75 a piece, this makes them only .75.
  • a $3.00 off box of Dollar General diapers, they are $11.95 a piece, you will get a jumbo box for only $8.95. 

SO, that means if you wen today, including your $2 off $10 purchase coupon, you would only spend $15.55 cents on all of these items!  If you went Saturday and got $5.00 off $25.00, as they normally take the $5 off first and then the other coupons, you would only spend around $12.55 on all of this!!

  • First off, HyVee has a two day sale this week, Thursday and Friday.  And if you spend $35 or more, you get 35 cents on your fuel saver! That coupons was on the back of the shopper!
  • There are a ton of great deals using your fuel saver card, look at your hyvee ad or if you don't have a paper one, look online.
  • a $ Huggies diapers coupon, they are $7.97 a piece, this makes them only $5.97!

The following coupons can be printed off of
  • a $1.00 off 2 Tombstone pizzas. Hyvee has them on sale 3/$9.  You will get 3 pizzas for $8.00.
  • a 75 cents off Kraft singles, Hyvee has them on sale for $2.49, this makes them $1.74!

The following coupons came out of the last Sunday paper
  • a 40 cents off four campbells soups, hyvee has Campbell soup on sale for 49 cents a can!  You can get four cans for $1.56!
  • a $1.00 coupon for Ragu spaghetti sauce, Hyvee has them on sale for $1.68, this makes them only .68 cents a piece!
  • a $1.00 off coupon Tide simply clean, Hyvee has them for $3.97, this makes them only $2.97!

Take advantage of some great savings!

If you have any great deals to share, feel free to share it with everyone!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend,

"For where your treasure is, your heart will                be also." Matthew 6:21  

Finances aren't always a JOY... BUT... they are part of the journey. 

God desires for us to give Him, EVERY area of our lives and that includes our finances. He will go to battle for you when you pull that old check register out to balance a month's worth of receipts, but only if you invite Him in.  

Money is necessary.  Money can be fun.  Money can be stressful.  Money can easily become an idol. When money and what money can buy becomes our focal point and greatest desire, God quickly gets pushed aside and that leaves a great big, gaping hole for Satan to squirm his way in to wreak all kinds of havoc in your life.  

"No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money." Matthew 6:24

Since allowing God to lead in our finances, our goal has shifted from having "things" to having contentment and every now and then, "things" we desire.  

On this page, I will share with you;

  • some key concepts God has lead us to implement into our finances

  • Help you refocus your heart toward contentment, finding your true treasure in God, not things.

  • some helpful tips for living frugally or within your means. 

  • I will also attempt to share any great deals I got during shopping visits!!

Don't get me wrong!!  Even with great planning and frugality our financial situation can get frenzied, HOWEVER, the rebound time is much, much quicker when applying the principals I will share with you!
  • Step Number One

  • Eliminate or Strictly Limit Debt

THIS. May be the hardest step God lead us to take in order to become good stewards of the money He has so graciously entrusted us with.  

Prior to inviting God into our financial life, we lived like most of the world.  If we really thought we needed something or really wanting something but did not have the money to purchase it outright, we didn't think twice about taking out a loan to have what we wanted.  We did this for everything from furniture to clothing to cars to household improvements.  

We had the bug for immediate gratification and would justify it by telling ourselves...."Ahhh, whats $50 a month for a room full of new furniture?"  Well, sooner or later all those little payments start to add up to a very burdensome monthly financial draining.  Eventually getting you to the point that pay day is not even enjoyable because most of your paycheck is already gone!

That is more than likely one of the reasons the Bible warns us to not let any debt be outstanding except the continuing debt to love man. (Romans 13:8) Debt becomes like a ball and chain that has master over you.  If your child is sick and you need to take a few days off and don't have the sick time, debt will put you at work, rather than home with your child.  You become a slave to it.  

Join me in the next faithful & frenzied finance post to learn more about how God lead us to eliminate and/or strictly limit debt and choose contentment!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friend,