Meaningful, Messy Marriage
❤Moments ❤

(Learning to Let God Lead….. One Day at a Time)
-A Woman Redeemed

Welcome to the Meaningful, Messy Marriage Moments devotional!  Garrick and I are so honored that God would use us in such a magnificent way, especially after the painful and difficult road we have been traveling for the past 6 years.  

Many of you may have already read how God allowed us to go from a stable,  extremely close and very content,happy  couple to a desperately struggling, just trying to survive each day couple, during Garrick’s six year battle with prescription drug/ alcohol addiction.  

It is still mind blowing to us, how very far we fell and how very close I was to walking away from our marriage.  

It was not that many years ago that I was blogging about marriage, baffled at how any couple could find it difficult to love and respect one another.  I could NEVER, EVER have imagined a day would come that I would be contemplating the “D” word.  That was a non negotiable, absolute no, never, option for me for as long as I could remember.  No matter what came our way, I knew we would work it out and conquer the problem, never realizing, that the problem we may be given would take my heart and break it into a million little pieces I would become too exhausted to even try to put back together.  

It is a very dark and devastating  thing to experience, as you watch your marriage evolve from your safety net and place of comfort to your greatest source of stress, pain and instability.  Slowly watching the image of the one you love the most fade into someone you no longer even recognize, beginning to feel as though you are married to a stranger.

It is diabolically tragic.  

Garrick and I have been on both sides of the fence.  We have experienced both the peace of heaven in our marriage as well as the pits of hell.  We get it all.  Our judgement toward struggling couples, making poor choices is non existent.  Let he without sin, cast the first stone.  

However, we have learned so very, very much on this journey.  Though we struggled at times, neither one of us ever completely walked away from our faith in an all powerful God.  That faith is the reason we are still laying next to each other in the same bed.  

God is good, even when we aren’t.  There is no relationship that is beyond His ability to mend, repair and restore to even better than it was before!  In our hearts, we always knew this truth.  I could no longer trust Garrick, but I could trust the God that bound us together the day we said, “I do.”  As long as I knew that Garrick still had a heart for God, I could live in faith that God would restore not only him, but our marriage.  

One thing we have learned out of the hundreds of others is the deep and imperative need for solid and emotionally connecting communication.  It is a non negotiable.  This devotional will do just that.  It will promote and encourage communication between you and your spouse that is both, deep, intentional,emotionally connecting and most importantly, it will strengthen the three cord strand that is not easily broken….. You+Your Spouse+God= Immeasurable strength!

We will also add our flares of humor and personality in hopes that you can really get to know us on a sincere level.  We are just two sinners, brought together by God trying to learn how to let God lead….. One day… at a time.  

Thank you for joining us.  We will be praying for all the couples who are participating with us, even if we are not aware of your participation, you will be prayed for.  This is going to be incredibly healing for us and we pray along the way…. Others may find healing as well.  

For this devotional you will not NEED but would greatly benefit from the following;

❤A Bible (we prefer the ESV version but it is totally your choice!)
❤A quiet, tranquil location where you can be alone (ours is our bedroom)
❤At least 15 minutes, 30 is ideal.
❤A notebook of any kind.
❤A candle (optional but it is a nice touch!)
❤A favorite beverage to share; hot tea, coffee, a glass of wine or just plain ol water!
❤An open heart and mind.

Now, that you have found your quiet spot and have grabbed your special beverages, prepare your hearts for the devotion by lighting the candle and share any prayer requests you would like to pray about with your spouse. Hold hands and  begin  praying for God’s peace to fill your hearts and room. Pray for any prayer requests you

Read the scripture for the day.  Look it up in your Bibles.  Highlight that scripture in your Bible and choose a symbol or word to put next to it that will remind you it is a scripture you studied together about marriage.  Now, each of you take time to share what you observe from that scripture, how is it speaking to you?  Share this with one another.  Then, discuss how you each can apply this to your marriage.  REFRAIN from telling your spouse how he or she can apply it, worry about you!

Record your prayer requests in your notebook.  Though you will have some room on the pages we provide, you can also use the notebook to take more notes and record other observations and ways you grew during each devotion.  This notebook will become a treasure one day.  

NOW… I think we are ready to get started!!!!  

Peace and Blessings
Your Friends,

Missy and Garrick

"And the rib that the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man. Then the man said, "At last is bone of my bones
                                         and flesh of my flesh; she 
                                         shall be called Woman, 
                                        because she was taken out of Man." Genesis 2:22-23

1. What do you observe God was telling us through this scripture?  Do you find any significance in God choosing to use Adam's rib?  Do you observe God's intentions for marriage and the marriage bond through this scripture?

*Husbands Response:

*Wife's Response:

2. How can we use this scripture to strengthen and enhance our marriage?




02/07/2017 2:26am

I really enjoyed reading your post. It has inspired a lot of thoughts in me. I wonder how you can write in a devotional way combined with materialistic matters of life.


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