YEAH! Welcome to our Marriage Devotional!!!
Last night was our FIRST night of the "Meaningful, Messy Marriage Devotional," and let me tell ya.... IT WAS AWESOME!!

Garrick and I are so happy God has called us to do this as we are fully aware of how healing and helpful this will be to us as well as others!

I am going to have a FREE print out of the marriage devotional.  The print out will be on a separate post I will give you the link for.  It will guide you on how to use the devotional and give you space to share your thoughts! Each week I will post the devotion Garrick and I shared on Sunday evening!  On Fridays I will begin posting the devotion for the upcoming Sunday.  You can choose any day or time that works for you, Sunday evening is what happens to work best for us!  I apologize as I should have posted the devotion we did last night, Friday, but I was not totally organized on how this was going to play out, so, you can share this devotion together whenever you choose and will already have our reflections from it to ponder!

So last night we began in the book of Genesis! Here was the scriptures we read and discussed...

"And the rib that the Lord God had taken from the man he made into woman and brought the woman to the man.  Then the man said,
     "This at last is bone of my bones
      and flesh of my flesh; she shall 
      be called Woman, because she 
          was taken from Man."  Genesis 2:22-23

It is UNBELIEVABLE, all that Garrick and I learned and pulled from these two short scriptures regarding God's intentions for marriage.  As I mentioned in the video above, God is very intentional with His words and actions, nothing "just" happens.  We have read these scriptures a million times, but actually sitting down and discussing them and looking up different thoughts on these scriptures enlightened us on an even greater level.  Here are some of the things God revealed to us last night....

1. God could have chosen ANY other bone or body part to create Eve with.  He also could have chosen not to use a bone or part of Adam at all and simply make Eve from the dust of the earth as He did Adam.  BUT, He didn't  He chose to take Adam's rib!  There is huge significance in this.  As we got to studying we learned that the Hebrew word for "rib" can also mean "side" so it is possible that God didn't just use Adam's rib, but created Eve out of the entire side or half of his body.  

The beauty you see in the is woman was made out of man.  God's intention is for a man to love his wife as part of his own body, as she truly is.  Husbands out there, your wife... is PART of you.  If you read a little bit prior to these scriptures, she read that God assessed that it was not good for Adam to be alone.  He needed a helper.  He created Eve out of part of Adam, to also symbolize that she is to complete him, not in the sense that he cannot be a complete person without a mate, but to symbolize that when I a man chooses to marry, the woman is meant to enhance his life, bringing him a sense of completeness and joy.  

2.  The rib.  What does a rib do?  It PROTECTS your vital organs.  It comes from the side of you body and is close to your heart.  Here is more significance.  God's intention is for a husband to protect his wife, as he would his own body.  Protect her in every sense of the word; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  God's goal is for a husband to be able to present his wife, holy and blameless on the day of judgement because of the way he lead her and protected her.  (Ephesians 5:27) 

Also, a rib comes from the side of your body.  This could easily symbolize that God designed man to walk beside woman, not ahead of her or over her as a controlling dictator, not beneath her or behind her as a passive follower forcing her to lead.  He desires for man to walk beside her, guiding her, protecting her, and loving her.

3. Notice that God chose to make ONE man and ONE woman.  His goal was to populate the earth, He could have created several women with Adam or several more couples.  He didn't!  He chose ONE man and ONE woman, signifying His goal for marriage to between one man and one woman.  Not one man and several women or vice versa.  He desired for them to learn to work together and lean on one another in order to live a fulfilling successful life.  He wanted Adam to long and have eyes for ONLY Eve and Eve the same with Adam.  

4. Adam expresses almost "relief" at the creation of Eve as he states... AT LAST.... is bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.  He immediately understands the purpose of this beautiful creation God gave him and he is elated to have her.  He is fully aware she is PART of him and chooses to give her the name woMAN, which obviously came from his own identity is MAN.  

We were in awe at the beautiful and intentional meaning behind these scriptures.  Our world has completely lost this beauty.  It is such a enormous shame as women desired to be treasured and protected by their husbands and that was EXACTLY what God intended from the very beginning.  How our world has destroyed this perfect image God gave us.  When Adam and Eve sinned..... God's intentions began to be replaced by man's sinful and selfish desires.  

This, is why you see the turmoil in marriage and relationships you see today

BUT GOD.  Knowing God.  Knowing His word.  Knowing His intentions can begin a beautiful heart change in your marriage.  

Lord... I pray for all of the individuals that may be participating or reading this devotional  I pray that Your Word touches their heart at its core.  I pray they begin to see the beautiful intention you had for marriage.  The intense bond and connection you desired for a husband and wife and the desire for a woman to bring joy and fulfillment to her husbands life while he desires to protect her in every sense of the word.  I pray you strengthen and grow each marriage in ways no one saw possible.  I pray these things in your Holy and precious Name... Amen!
Here is the link to the print out....

Please, Please, Please contact us if you have any questions or just want to talk or share!!  We refuse to not use the our painful journey to glorify God in hopes that through it, we give other couples hope for God's gift of restoration!!!

Peace and Blessings
Your Friends

Missy and Garrick


02/07/2017 3:57am

Marriage is best moment of life and we should keep our relation strong. New generation are very careless and they need to guideline for make the best relation. Trust is key of successful relation.

04/04/2017 10:20pm

A God centered relationship is something that must be prayed for. The right person at the right time must be prayed and waited for. I am really happy that you have found each other's arm. I know that the Lord is happy because you have put Him in the center of your relationship. I am praying that you will continue to become God's messenger when it comes to spreading the good news about waiting for the right time.


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